As all of you know, Handmade Game is making commercial version of [Rooms]. And he is trying to do 'Water Expression', extremely difficult CG effect. He's doing it as 'Picture the Real Water & put in the game'. Of course, this is the 1st. test.


Eh... This is 'Water Expression'.

It's small one room, just made it big to let you see better. Pixel is broken due to 'ZOOM IN'. And this is just the 'TEST', so real version will have MUCH BETTER CG for 'Water Expression'. Please make sure about that.

Let's see HOW HE MADE IT POSSIBLE, with his 'Picture Diary'.

- Diary of AmbitiousK (CEO of HandmadeGame).

At first, there was a STARCRAFT Trophy.

To open the head, he's boiling the knife.

Sword has no eyes.

Kiri Kiri Kiri...

'Hammer' & 'Driver' came here, to help their friend 'Cutter'.

Say farewell to BIG 'S'!

Let water in.

This is not iodin. This is Blood - Sweat & Tears.

It's Yellow~

Two Men.

This is NO. 2 of Handmade Game.

Using Blue Screen. ... White Screen, I mean.
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