Sweetest 1 hour from 100H indie game marathon for charity!

45 indie developers, 100 hours playing and charity. 'Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory' will be there.

Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 14th. 2012 - Korean Indie team Turtle Cream will participate in 100H charity marathon with 'Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory'.

Streamlicious hosts 100H charity marathon with 45 indie games, to raise 10,000$ charity for child's play. It will be held from 22th. to 26th. Nov.  Many famous indie games will be played, as Limbo -  Mark of the Ninja -  Orcs must die 2 and more. 'Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory' will be on live at Nov. 22 12:00-13:00 GMT + 1 through streamlicious.com . Sun Park, CEO of Turtle Cream will do developer's talk. So if you want to talk with him, don't miss this chance.

Even 'Boing Boing' and 'Play This Thing' liked this game, because it's sweetest platformer ever. Now it's your turn to check why they liked this game.

* Review code is available upon request. Please contact mrkwang@pig-min.com about that.


* About 100H Charity Marathon

For Press : http://streamlicious.com/wordpress/press/
Schedule : http://streamlicious.com/wordpress/events/
100H Banner for 'Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory' : http://db.tt/uw5Fwosw

* About Game

'Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory' is commercial version of 'Sugar Cube', which won 2010 IGF China best game. It is a 2D platformer game that presents the story of a sugar cube. The backgrounds of the game have two sides, namely, the front and the back. So depending on how you play, the environments will very often be vastly different.

It has 5 world themes containing unique 90 levels, 20 achievements, and 2 different endings. Plus it has SUPER CUTE looks and very sweet soundtrack.

You could purchase it through several digital distribution stores for Windows PC, as Steam(!) - Desura - Indievania - Greenman Gaming - Direct purchase(Humble Store) through official site. Available at Playism for Japanese language version.

* About improvement of Steam version

- Gamepad control is available.
- More polished level design & gameplay experience.
- Steam Cloud & 20 Steam Achievements are available.
- Game Soundtrack is bundled.

* Critic says

- A platformer with a refreshingly novel mechanic - Boing Boing

- A Kawaii-cute platformer - Play this thing

- Meat Boy's clever cousin - Indie Game Magazine

* More information

- Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory

Game information page (incl. Video / Screenshots) :

Game screenshots (zip) :

Steam release trailer (Youtube) :


PR contact (Interview, Review copies, etc.) :
mrkwang@pig-min.com (Pig-Min Agency)

About Turtle Cream:
"Tuttle Cream" started career as students of the Sogang Univ. Game education center in Korea. From 2011, they became independent studio. Their 1st. freeware 'Cut & Paste' got several positive feedbacks, 2nd. freeware 'Sugar Cube' won IGF 2010 China Best Game. 1st. commercial game 'Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory' is available at Steam.

About Pig-Min Agency :
Pig-Min started as Indie Game blog for Korean at 2006. Pig-Min Agency started to support Korean Indie Games from 2009. It handles 2 teams, Arcshock('Sand castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories') and Turtle Cream('Sugar Cube: the Bittersweet Factory'). It also do promotion for 'Analogue: A Hate Story' Korean language version for Korean territory.

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