'Sugar Cube' travels the world!

Promotion video of commercial game 'Sugar Cube : The Bittersweet Factory', which won 2010 IGF china best game.

Seoul, South Korea, Dec. 28th. 2011 - Korean Indie team Turtle Cream released promotion video 'Travel of Sugar Cube' for upcoming commercial game 'Sugar Cube : The Bittersweet Factory'.

Turtle Cream decided to release commercial version 'Sugar Cube : the Bittersweet Factory' at early of 2011. Since June. 2011, they asked friends all over the world to 'Sugar Cube' photo, as 'Sugar Cube' travels the world. This video is very clever collection of them.

'Sugar Cube : The Bittersweet Factory' is a 2D platformer game that presents the story of a sugar cube. The backgrounds of the game have two sides, namely, the front and the back. So depending on how you play, the environments will very often be vastly different.

This game is commercial version of IGF China 2010 Winner 'Sugar Cube'. It has 5 world themes containing unique 90 levels and 2 different endings. Currently Turtle Cream does beta test. It will be released at early 2012.

More information

Game information page (incl. Video / Screenshots) :

Game screenshots (zip) :

More information about 'Travels of Sugar Cube' :


'Travels of Sugar Cube' video (Youtube) :


Link to picassa album of 'Travels of Sugar Cube' :



PR contact : mrkwang@pig-min.com (Pig-Min Agency)

About Turtle Cream:
"Tuttle Cream" started career as students of the Sogang Univ. Game education center in Korea. From 2011, they became independent studio. Their 1st. freeware 'Cut & Paste' got several positive feedbacks, 2nd. freeware 'Sugar Cube' won IGF 2010 China Best Game.

About Pig-Min Agency :

Pig-Min was 5-years-old Indie Game blog webzine for Korean, and decided to support Korean Indie Games to go abroad from 3 years ago, under the name of Pig-Min Agency. It handles 2 teams as Arcshock('Sand castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories') and Turtle Cream('Sugar Cube : the Bittersweet Factory').

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