Korean Indie Music for trailers of Dark Romance Comics app!

3 trailers have Korean Indie Music, upcoming App [Ill-fated relationship] for iPhone.

(Seoul, South Korea, 18th. June. 2011) iSeeToon released Trailer about upcoming comics app [Ill-fated relationship] for iPhone.

There will be 3 trailers for [Ill-fated relationship]. Among them, (Side : M) & (Side : W) released. (Side : T) will be available in the upcoming weeks. Music for trailers are chosen among Korean famous indie musicians as 500won project - The Invisible Fish. Those songs are not included in App, for trailers only.

[Ill-fated relationship] is comics App for iPhone, about Dark Romance between 2 serial killers. It has unusual plot, dark & minimal but marvelous visual style. It follows indie art film style rather than usual comics. This App has 20 chapters + additional supplements for the fans.

Trailers are showing new possibility of comics app for iPhone. Powered by Storyberry, which we used to edit [Ill-fated relationship] app. It was recorded for Youtube after that. So watching Storyberry trailer is better, even if Youtube version is also good.

[Ill-fated relationship] will be available through App Store for iPhone at June. 2011. Launching sale price will be 4.99$,  full price will be 8.99$ after sale ends.

If you want redeem code to review, please send e-mail for reservation to mrkwang@iseeyou.co.kr .

* Music :
Music : Sad - 500won 1st. EP [Um Han]

Music : Seub(shroud) - The Invisible Fish [Loss/Sleepless]
Purchase CD from www.mrkwang.com

* Critic says :
“Hwang’s style is sparse, both visually and narratively, creating an environment that feels both intimate and detached at the same time. While the limited use of color suggests a similarly subdued emotional palette, the lack of detail (both background and foreground) brings each emotional beat into sharp focus” - Manhwa Bookshelf
"The videos and screenshots certainly show off a great looking style that will hopefully provide a pretty mature and dark experience. It’ll certainly make a change from the more Western offerings of the likes of D.C and Marvel." - 148apps.

* Trailer  :
- Youtube
Side M : " target="_blank">
Side W : " target="_blank">
Side T : coming soon
- Storyberry
Side M : http://iseetoon.com/en/entry/Trailer-Ill-fated-relationship-Side-M
Side W : http://iseetoon.com/en/entry/Trailer-Ill-fated-relationship-Side-W-Storyberry-edition
Side T : coming soon
- Vimeo :
Side M : http://vimeo.com/25224414
Side W : http://vimeo.com/25228286
Side T : coming soon

* Screenshot :
Screenshot of Comics : http://iseetoon.com/en/entry/Ill-fated-relationship-How-it-looks-screenshots
Screenshot of App : http://iseetoon.com/en/entry/Ill-fated-relationship-Screenshot

* 1 page description about [ill-fated relationship] : This page has basic information & link to screenshots and trailers.

* Media Contact : Request review copy (redeem code), Interview, or another contact.
mrkwang@iseeyou.co.kr (Kim Jin Sung aka mrkwang)

* About iSeeToon : http://iseetoon.com

iSeeToon is comics(manhwa) branch of iSeeYou. iSeeToon publishes Korean Web Comic(Webtoon) through iPhone App Store in English. iSeeYou is Korean venture company which services Storyberry.

* About Storyberry : http://storyberry.com (Korean language only)

Storyberry is web authoring tool & portal. iSeeToon used Storyberry to edit comics App & trailers. It is serviced for Korean local until now, not available for worldwide yet.
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