Trailer for Dark Romance comics App released!

3 trailers are available about upcoming App [Ill-fated relationship] for iPhone.

(Seoul, South Korea, 15th. June. 2011) iSeeToon released Trailer about upcoming comics app [Ill-fated relationship] for iPhone.

[Ill-fated relationship] is comics App for iPhone, about Dark Romance between 2 serial killers. It has unusual plot, dark & minimal but marvelous visual style. It follows indie art film style rather than usual comics. This App has 20 chapters + additional supplements for the fans.

There will be 3 trailers for [Ill-fated relationship]. Among them, (Side : M) & (Side : W) released. (Side : T) will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Trailers are showing new possibility of comics app for iPhone. Powered by Storyberry, which we used to edit [Ill-fated relationship] app. It was recorded for Youtube after that. So watching Storyberry trailer is better, even if Youtube version is also good.

Music for trailers are chosen among Korean famous indie musicians as 500won project - The Invisible Fish. Those songs are not included in App, for trailers only.

[Ill-fated relationship] will be available through App Store for iPhone at June. 2011. Launching sale price will be 4.99$,  full price will be 8.99$ after sale ends.

If you want redeem code to review, please send e-mail for reservation to mrkwang [at] .

* Quote from Manhwa Bookshelf :
“Hwang’s style is sparse, both visually and narratively, creating an environment that feels both intimate and detached at the same time. While the limited use of color suggests a similarly subdued emotional palette, the lack of detail (both background and foreground) brings each emotional beat into sharp focus”

* Trailer  :
- Youtube
Side M : " target="_blank">
Side W : " target="_blank">
Side T : coming soon
- Storyberry
Side M :
Side W :
Side T : coming soon

* Screenshot :
Screenshot of Comics :
Screenshot of App :

* 1 page description about [ill-fated relationship] : This page has basic information & link to screenshots and trailers.

* Media Contact : Request review copy (redeem code), Interview, or another contact.
mrkwang [at] (Kim Jin Sung aka mrkwang)

* About iSeeToon :

iSeeToon is comics(manhwa) branch of iSeeYou. iSeeToon publishes Korean Web Comic(Webtoon) through iPhone App Store in English. iSeeYou is Korean venture company which services Storyberry.

* About Storyberry : (Korean language only)

Storyberry is web authoring tool & portal. iSeeToon used Storyberry to edit comics App & trailers. It is serviced for Korean local until now, not available for worldwide yet.
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