Korean Indie Game goes to E3 2010!
Physics Puzzle Freeware [Sand Castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] goes to Indiecade showcase at E3!

Seoul, South Korea - May 28th. 2010 - According to mail from indiecade, Korean Indie Game [Sand Castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories], by Arcshock, goes to E3 2010 at Indiecade Showcase.

[Sand Castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] is Physics Puzzle game, with Hundreds of Sands dropping. Could remind of [Auditorium] from this game, but very different style. (Ray vs Sands) 15 stages - 6 great guitar songs featured, all free to download.

It's made by Korean Indie Game team Arcshock, Husband & Wife team, truly Homemade.

This is Prelude / Preview of future release, which will be sold at reasonable price. And we'd appreciated any kind of feedback, including Review / Preview / Mention. We need data as many as possible to improve our future work.

More information (Screenshot / Youtube / Game download) : http://arcshock.com/en/entry/Sand-Castle-The-Faded-Memories-Prelude-2

Contact : mrkwang@pig-min.com (Pig-Min Agency)

About Arcshock :
Husband(moonyeom) & Wife(komagi) team in Korea, with around 20 years of Korean game development experience, if combined. Always wanted to make game, but Korean gaming scene is too online-based, so can't make what they wanted. With Indie project Arcshock, their dream come true. Released 1st. game [Sand Castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] at late Apr 2010, around 2,000 downloads happened around 1 month.

About Pig-Min Agency :
Pig-Min was 4-years-old Indie Game blog webzine for Korean, and decided to support Korean Indie Games to go abroad from 1 year ago, under the name of Pig-Min Agency. [Sand castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] is 2nd. work by them, and 1st. work was [Cut & Paste] by Turtle Cream.

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