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Over 1.5M people downloaded [Portal], after steam released Mac client & let people d/l [Portal] for free. Didn't reveil how many Win & Mac d/l happened for each, however that hidden news might be important thing for business.

Where to download : Free Portal (@steam)
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You could see that Spotlight at Steam.
And this is that notice page.

[Portal] is FREE for limited time. There were some similar FREE days event, but they were multiplay-FPS & hook people to buy. [Portal] is short & 1 player game, so player will see ending within that date & forget. [Portal 2] will come out, but far later. So why such an event, all of a sudden?

Steam released Mac client & started selling Mac Games,
and this might be notice event for them.

And they started using 'Steamplay' word, which menas 'If you buy 1 game, you could play it with both of Windows / Mac'. In the past, there were some Digital Distribution stores which sold Mac, but that's just 'we have stock' situation. And of course, you must buy those version seperately. This time, Steam started something about Mac games, and game market could be different once again.

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