According to Press Release from Popcap, [Plants vs Zombies] will come to XBLA. It will have multiplay(!) mode, exclusive for XBOX360 until now. And it will have Retail Box with 19.99$ later this year, for XBOX360 & PC, with Zombie Figurine.

But it will come out at Sept, so what's for Aug. 2nd?
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Review : [Deathspank] (2010) <XBOX360>

Developer : Hothead Games <feat. Ron Gilbert, Publisher EA Partners>
Release year : 2010
Price : 1200 MS points <XBOX360>

Well made as 'Diablo + Monkey Island', but not perfect.

I was not interested so much before, but 'hooked' right before release & purchased.

'Ron Gilbert' & 'Diablo + Monkey Island' could be big issue. And EA Partners published this, even MS pushed this game to be featured in main page of XBOX360 marketplace. It must be 'hyped' & 'famous', and this is fun & interesting game. Just the problem is, action time stops often.

[Diablo] might have great background story, but we can do 'whirlwind' to proceed without any thought. For [Deathspank], you must 'read' some part of dialogues / storyline, because some of them is essential to proceed. And there are some puzzles like (oldschool) adventure genre, and you must 'think' at then. Hack & Slash is full of action without rest, but you need to 'stop' very often in this game. I think that's the main reason why this game can't get over 90 of 100 score, even if this is fun & intersting game.

However if you want to buy it now, go for it. Really worth, just you must stop & think often.

Where to buy : Turn on the Console.
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Earlier in May, [Defense Grid : the Awakening] released FREE DLC w/ update to use DLC map packs. It might be test to know how many customers will be interested. At now, they started selling 4 Map Pack DLCs for each week in June, all 0.99$ each.

Those Map Packs have 2 maps each, and you could think 'Hey this is too expensive!', which I partly agree. However these DLCs are all dedicated to maniacs, who played this to the extreme. If you're not Core gamer for this game, you could skip it. But if you're Core as I do, must buy.

P.S. : It's released for XBLA at XBOX360, and these DLCs are sold there, too.
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News : XBLA has big sale, until 04/07!

We have Steam for PC, which is paradise of Sale, but XBLA is not familiar with Sale very much. This time, 10 titles are on sale until 04/07, and even Silver membership can get!

South Park
    800    400    50%
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix    1200    560    53%
Defense Grid    800    400    50%
Rocket Riot   800    400    50%
Mad Tracks    800    400    50%
Track & Field    400    240    40%
Lumines Live    800    400    50%
Age of Booty    800    400    50%
Schizoid    800    400    50%
Wallace & Gromit episode 1    800    400    50%

For more details, visit majornelson.

P.S. : I don't think they are best games, however worth to check.
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[I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1] was another great unusual game, which won 1st. place 2009 XBL Indie Game sales chart. And that music was extremely insane awesome, in good ways. We could get that MP3 for free, from official blog.

In fact, it was uploaded last Aug. Just I found it now, because it's well-hidden & not shown at all. However, late is better than never. I really enjoyed this 13 minutes long song, scrobbled to Hope you could be same. :)

Where to download : Official Blog
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