[I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1] was another great unusual game, which won 1st. place 2009 XBL Indie Game sales chart. And that music was extremely insane awesome, in good ways. We could get that MP3 for free, from official blog.

In fact, it was uploaded last Aug. Just I found it now, because it's well-hidden & not shown at all. However, late is better than never. I really enjoyed this 13 minutes long song, scrobbled to Last.fm. Hope you could be same. :)

Where to download : Official Blog
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via Gamerbytes

Gamerbytes posted assumption of 2009 XBOX360 Indie Game sale stats. The reason why I wrote as 'assumption' is, Major Nelson posted top 20 list but not sale stats, so Gamerbytes gathered sales information from XNA forum. So they have Top 20 lists, but not all the sales data.

You could see details from the link above, and I'd write few things about that.

- Reveune Share is 7 (developer) : 3 (MS)
-> This is almost golden rule for market, even itunes appstore is same. But please make sure 3 could be 'bottom share for final sale', NOT 7 is for developer. (If that seller has affiliates, developer share drops a lot.)

- 1st. winner sold 160,000. Many or Little?
-> That's sold well for 1 small team, and even he got over 100,000$. But it's small for No. 1 for whole market. [Pocket God] for iPhone was sold over 2,000,000 copies, and Maximum selling for XBOX360 Indie Games is very low compared to that. And that zombie game is really really good, you must purchase if 1$ only. And total sales dropped very much, even 10th. winner sold just 20,000 copies.
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Developer : Ska Studios
Release Year : 2009
Price : 80 ms points (around 1$.)

Shockingly well made, zombie-theme top down shooter w/ Experimental.

User image
Who could expect such a good game, from that cover?

I got really shocked to play this one.

I purchased XBOX360 very recently, and didn't think to purchase any indie Games from that. Anyway I wish to try some of them, picked this up, and...

At first minute, it was just small Indie Game, zombie-theme top down shooter. Maybe just some little kid made it for fun, nothing more than that. I was wrong. Around 3 minutes later, everything became to change. That cheesy punk music became much better, enemy became different, and even background is going very experimental (for top-down shooter). At least, this is worth for your 80 MS point.

The only 1 bad thing about this game is, it's made by Ska Studios. They released [Zombie Smashers] series for PC in the past, and released [Dishwasher] for XBLA already. Well, they are not so small to release 1$ game for Indie Games section.

Where to buy : XBLA Indie Game section at XBOX360. (Official Blog)

P.S. : Multiplay up to 4 people could be available, but not through online, maybe.
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