Wolfire Games, who did Humble Indie Games, did guest post for Google App Engine Blog. I'm not programmer, and not sure how it works, however some of you might get good information / idea from that writing. For me, 3.4 million page views (1 million unique visitors) are really shocking news. (138,813 people paid, so conversion rate was 13.8%!)
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Wolfire Games, who did (and will do) [Lugaru] - [Overgrowth] wrote column named after 'Another view of Piracy'. They are much more famous for Humble Indie Bundle at now.

Even if it's long, you could read with some time.
However I'd summary them with 3 paragraphs.

- 5% in US / 10% in Worldwide, iPhones are jailbreaked. But 80% of games are pirated. Why such a difference? Few pirates copied very many games. Average gamers might just 5 annualy(if you read this, you're not average, core gamer), but pirates does hundreds of them annually.

- Pirates don't buy at any cost. Reflexive did strong DRM, and just 1 purchase increased for 1,000 piracy down. So we could assume 1/1,000 rate, and that's not so big to do any DRM struggle.

- With DRM or not, buyers will buy & pirates will not buy. Humble Indie Sale cared about gamers as customers, not wannabe-pirates. NO DRM, no hassle. And within 2 days, 40,000 people joined & average payment was 8$. (It increased to 60,000 people at now, total 505,002$...) It's better than DRM online server.

In music, Radiohead & Nine Inch Nails did similar thing & got high praise about that. For Indie Games, [World of Goo] got fame for DRM-Free, and gog.com. There were similar sale marketing in the past, but Wolfire reveiled Numbers(Statstics) as real time, and it's very effective. Even many Korean communities are talking about this, so worldwide, this news might be very big.

This is how Indie struggle / does marketing / grows up, in very good way.

P.S. : Wolfire blog had over 3,000 subscribers, but after Humble Indie Bundle, became over 5,000. [Overgrowth] can't fail.
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 Wolfire Games, who made [Lugaru] & will release [Overgrowth], gathered 5 Indie Games & made Humble Indie Bundle. [World of Goo] / [Aquaria] / [Gish] / [Lugaru] / [Penumbra]. They are all famous Indie Games, but kinda oldies-but-goodies at now. This is 'pay-what-you-want' sale, but we saw they were on sale or bundle many times already, so every gamer might have few of them already. NO DRM at all, and will share money with 2 more charities as Child's play.

We already saw Indie Game Bundle earlier, so such a union is not so shocking.
But... it gained 100,000$ under 8 hours!

At 2010/05/05 10:54 in Korean time,
15,702 people paid,
average payment was 7.98$
Total 125,283$ sold.


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You might remember [Lugaru], 'Rabbit Fighting Game'. [Overgrowth] is follower of that, still in making, Rabbit / Wolf / ... etc fighting game.

Wolfire games released webcomic for [Overgrowth]. It's just the start, but has something for Martial Arts style action, w/ some Animated Gore.

If you're fan of [Lugaru], or Martial Action style stuffs, check [Overgrowth] webcomic.
(Warning : Animated Gore included.)
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