Column : could be of VIdeo Game?

I have used service around 1 month, and might write something about that. Here is my raptr page, and you could check it out.

First of all, what is raptr? I might explain it as ' of Video Game'. I really like scrobble, so really liked raptr idea when I found it.

If you play some XBOX360 game, raptr counts time & get achievements status. Same for PC game / Playstation 3 / World of Warcraft / even Facebook game. Seems to be good for its basic idea. Just the problem is, it's not working properly.

I used it for PC & XBOX360 game, and issues gaming news to Facebook & Twitter.

1. PC

I installed raptr client, and every PC game must be played through that. Slightly different from, because I play music at iTunes -> scrobbled through client.

But it has few (or many) problems like this.

- Can't detect all PC games. Steam games (which are installed ) are fine, but can't detect non-Steam games very well. I hope to register not-detected games by myself, but it doesn't have any menu to add. Even if raptr db has that game, can't detect, as [Blackwell Convergence].

- Can't detect playing Facebook games. As I see, other players checked [Mafia Wars]. But even if I did Facebook Connect, my Mafia Wars is not recorded. Same for Flash Games, maybe only available through raptr client.

- For Steam achievement, not connected automatically. I reported to forum twice, and it works after that. (So... Manual connection needed.)

2. XBOX360

In fact, I like ratpr more for XBOX360, rather than PC. Every games are detected automatically, even for some Demos / Trials. However it has some detects.

- For XBOX360 acehivement, not connected automatically & reported to forum. Same as PC problem which I wrote above.

Except for forum report, it's working well & I like it. Anyway it doesn't support Playstation 3 Trophy, because Sony doesn't allow.

3. Facebook / Twitter

The best part is for raptr is, it posts to Facebook & Twitter for game playing & achievements. If somebody wants to let friends know about gaming situation, raptr is very good.

raptr supports Facebook Connect, so connection to Facebook is easy. And for twitter, just write Nickname / Password & it works, And it supports several options, as post everyhing or just post daily summary.

Just the problem is, if you play a lot of game everyday, it could be almost Spamming. Daily Summary might be better for that.

Personally, I like raptr idea very much. However it might need much more improvement. Must detect PC games more properly, better auto-sync needed. However, it's still fun to try.
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Can Anybody help me to attach Twitter Widget?

* Changed Twitter Widget as old school html style, using <h3> tag instead of <h2>. *

I tried to embed Twitter Widget, but it was not looked cool in Pig-Min format, especially for Width, so didn't do it in the past. Today I found Twitter Widget has changed,  so tried to attach it. Looks cool, but it has 'empty space' above each tweet. That empty space must not be there, of course.

I'm not sure why it happens. I tried around 30 minutes to edit this and that, but all in vain.

If you know the solution about that, please let me know with the reply or e-mail me or Tweet with my nick @pigmin or ... Please.

P.S. : My right sidebar is around 150 - 160 pixel in Width, kinda small one. That could be the reason? But even I tried "auto Width", it's still like that.

P.S. 2 : Maybe it's due to Style Sheet. Well.... I can't change that, only for Twitter Widget...
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5 reaons : Why we must use Twitter?

User image
Simple & Powerful.

1. Everybody uses.

Not everybody uses, but almost everybody uses & growing. This is another up-to-date fashion. If you'd like to research / sell something / communicate with others, you must know something about up-to-date fashion. Don't have to be early adapter, but must 'follow'.

2. Many Digital store uses.

Steam / Direct2Drive / Gamersgate / GOG uses it, and they use Twitter for updates / news. Twitter could be new kind of newsletter / RSS service. And GOG twitter is really worth to add, because they do some Twitter-only promotion & communicate w/ customers!

3. Many Indie Game related people uses.

Pig-Min uses, uses, uses, Wadjet Eye Games uses ... etc etc. Within few months, almost everybody started making Twitter, to press news & communicate.

4. Could be used for Marketing tool.

Recently Rake in Grass did some promotion w/ Twitter account. Like that, you could use Twitter as some Marketing tool, which was not available in the past.

5. Posted to Facebook automatically.

In fact, not auto. You must add Twitter apps to Facebook, but after that, your tweets will be posted at Facebook wall automatically. Even if you don't login Facebook often, your friends could see your updates. That's very powerful.
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