[Team Fortress 2] blog posted about [Minecraft]. According to Kotaku, [Minecraft] sold 39,000 accounts for 3 years / and 3,000 accounts for last 3 days after [TF 2] blog posting. Free account is also available, however price is 10 Euro (13$). So this could be another fortune all of a sudden.

According to PC Gamer, [Minecraft] maker might enter Valve soon. So it could be gift for entering company? :)
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via Kotaku.

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Trailer of Korean FPS [H.A.V.E. Online] has many things, very similar to [Team Fortress 2].

I saw that in Korean local webzine, but never thought even Kotaku will feature it. (What a Internet world!) Anyway I think that's not so big problem, rip-off or not.

- Not sure it will be really released. (Even released, not sure worth to care.)

You might be shocked, if you know HOW MANY online games are being made in Korea & HOW MANY of them are NOT completed. Could be many reasons. Company give up the project, Publisher doesn't support any more, Cash flow stopped, ... etc etc. And even completed & started service, not sure that game succeed in the market, because it's already full of FPSs.

And for SK-imedia, which is publisher for that game... SK is big & famous company in Korea, outside Korea. But when SK does something for Game, all dropped & disappeared.1 I don't think this could be exception, just could be another stereotype.

So I don't think it's big problem, if [H.A.V.E. Online] is rip off or not, because it will not be really released.

P.S. : If we have problem in Korean FPS, that could be [Karma 2]. It will be really completed & released, and everybody knows it did 'Nazi' promotion.

  1. Ntreev of [Pangya] could be exception, but SK bought that company after their success. [Back]
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5 Reasons : Why Team Fortress 2 is good?

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You might like [Team Fortress 2], as I do.

1. Even Casual Gamer could survive for a whlie, even kills some enemy.

I'm very bad at FPS multiplay, always die within seconds. I'm casual player at FPS multiplay. But in [Team Fortress 2], I could survive longer than seconds, in fact minutes! And even I can kill somebody, make some scores.

3 minor reasons. (1) This is hugh Team Play. If our team has good players, I could gain benefit. (2) I could choose supporting job as Engineer, even if I'm not 180 degree turn-double jumping-headshot tech. (3) It's rather 'Party Game w/ unknown people', rather than serious hardcore FPS.

2. 19.99$ only, better than 'Free 2 Play', no need to buy item.

There are many 'Free 2 Play' games including FPS, especially in Korea. We could play for free, if we don't purchase anything. But if we start paying real money, well, fee will increase really high. 'Gain lots from few payers', that's the way how 'Free 2 Play' earns money.

For [Team Fortress 2], you could pay only 19.99$ & no more, unless if you donate some server fee. I don't have to buy additional item, because others don't.

3. Animated Gore, but not so serious.

If we shoot enemy, we'd like to see good feedback. Gore could be good feedback, because it really happens when we got shot, but we don't like to see serious Gore. [TF2] found really good answer, 'Animated Gore but not so serious'.

When got bombed, arms here - legs there, all scattered. But it's not so shocking, because it's 'Animated Gore but not so serious', while we good really good feedback to kill 'em all.

4. Still updating, because it's Steam's main bait. They will never give up, for a long time.

I've not played for a while around 1-year, started again recently. I got shocked how much it was updated. Same game but different, much better for several things.

Why Valve is still updating? [TF2] is 1 of main bait, to let people use Steam longer & longer. Unless Steam closes or [TF3] appears, they will never stop updating. That's not for the money, for much bigger business strategy.

5. Still could play with other people, many of them.

There are many Multiplay games, or Singleplay games which supports Multiplay. For Multiplay, if people don't play, that game dies. To our happy, we could find lots of buddies / enemies for [TF2].
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