Review : [Stark Tower Defense] (2010)

Service : Marvel Kids
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

For Advertisement + Children, but still good.

User image
This is early stage, so don't have much towers - enemies. Later, it's flooded.

This is kinda advergame of [Superhero Squad Show], Animation made by Marvel for children. We know many Advergames are boring, also marked for children. To our happy, this is good/ fun / well-made Defense game.

Many defense games are dedicated to 'Few towers - Many upgrades'. This game is different. 'Many towers - Few upgrades'. Of course, you must upgrade those towers fully. However this game has only 3 level for each tower, so 2 upgrades are needed. There's only 1 stage in this game, but really many enemies are spawned around 30 waves. Both of Towers & Enemies, they are all flooded in that area. The road is somewhat confusing if you start for the first time, so need to learn by trial & error.

Needs more time than expected & no save at all, but still worth to play. Too fun, so I cleared it twice. :)

Where to play : Official Homepage
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News : [Galcon Fusion] released!

I never expected to see Sequel for PC.

I don't think [Galcon] for PC was sold very well, however it opened new genre door & many games incl. [Dyson] were released based on that. And [Galcon] might gain more money & fame, to release iPhone sequel [Galcon Labs] last Oct. And now, official sequel for PC released, [Galcon Fusion].

I could know there are MORE ships & planets, after just watching that trailer. There are some more improvements, as HD graphic / Archievements for Steam / Interactive Soundtrack / More game modes / Retro(!) mode as 1980's / Colorblind mode / ... etc. You could try Demo for Windows / Macintosh / Linux, and could purchase from Steam.
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BBC released [Elite] 25 years celebration news, named after 'Gaming milestone for Elite Game'.

According to that article, it was released at 20th. Sep. 1984, and one of first game which used 3D(!) graphics. That game was about 'Space Trading', and one of open-ended style. Sold hundreds of thousands of copies at then, and influenced many games in the history.

The most interesting thing is, they are woking for the sequel. 25 years & sequel? Not very usual case.

P.S. : I think this is the most important thing for this case, that BBC issued that news. I can't imagine KBS would issue such gaming news, for 10 - 20 years celebration.
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Review : [Creeper World] (2009)

Developer : Knuckle Cracker
Release year : 2009
Price : 19.99$

Good evolution of [Harvest : Massive Encounter], but still has some flaws.

This game is better than how trailer looks.

[Harvest : Massive Encounter] was good or even excellent game, but you can't win it - just survive longer, and that was big problem. Except for that, it's very well made, so some games are influenced by that. I think [Creeper World] is best among the followers.

'Collector' streams energy to far buildings, but also to produce energy. So player might build collectors properly to handle energy & gain more energy. And the best thing is, you can move weapons here & there. This is not just defense game, you can move weapons to offense. Enemy is the most unique thing in this game. They are not single objects, like 'liquid' or 'water'. At first, it's hard to understand. But after you know how it works, it gives really unique & fun experience.

To my sad, this game has many problems. 1. You can't save while playing. I spent 20 - 40 minutes for every stages until 15, but can't save in the middle of stage, so sometimes I gave up & later re-start again. It's really painful. 2. 'Water enemy' is hard to understand for their moving. Until now, I don't know exactly how they react for my attack, and have harder & longer time to survive. 3. 'Reactor' doesn't work properly. It must give player additional energy, but it's not. Even if I build over +1.0, that's not stocked in Energy bar. Maybe it's due some bug, and must be fixed.

[Creeper World] is another cool game, but something must be fixed or even re-built. And for price, I think 9.99$ + steam achievement could be much better. Could be real cult hit with that. (Of course, after some fix.)

Where to buy : Official Homepage
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Review : [Epic War 3] (2009)

Developer : Artlogic Games
Release year : 2009
Price : Free (Flash Game)

Well done side-scrolling RTS, and different from earlier series.

User image
Looks similar to earlier series, but entirely different.

[Epic War] series were well made Epic games, but player need to 'struggle again & again endlessly' for a long time. It was too much, and 1 stage took even 2-30 minutes to clear for [Epic War 2] boss battle. So I'm not sure I'd enjoy this one, because I expected 'much worse struggle'. To my shock, this game is not related to earlier series. You could forget earlier ones.

First of all, you can control units. For earlier series, just our units ran to the right after we summon, as we press the button. Units are summoned automatically, and we can control them as group. Goblins are faster regen, Zombies are slow but have good health to block, and Magic Cannons are good for long-range attack. We could let Goblins run to block, while Zombies are coming. When Zombies arrived, let Goblins back & Magic Cannons fire from a distance. Go Forth & Back as we wish, that's basic of RTS, as I think. (Not so sensitive command, anyway.)

And playtime is not so long. You might experienced 'too-much-time-needed' situation for earlier series, but you can win [Epic War 3] within few hours. After 1st. clear, it unlocks 'New Game Plus' & 'Cave of Trial', but they are not so hard as earlier series used to be.

With such good changes, [Epic War 3] became really fun Flash Game. With some effort, not-so-hard, you could enjoy 'Epic War'. And no more Arrow shooting, just control our main hero.

Where to play : Kongregate
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