News : [Galcon Fusion] released!

I never expected to see Sequel for PC.

I don't think [Galcon] for PC was sold very well, however it opened new genre door & many games incl. [Dyson] were released based on that. And [Galcon] might gain more money & fame, to release iPhone sequel [Galcon Labs] last Oct. And now, official sequel for PC released, [Galcon Fusion].

I could know there are MORE ships & planets, after just watching that trailer. There are some more improvements, as HD graphic / Archievements for Steam / Interactive Soundtrack / More game modes / Retro(!) mode as 1980's / Colorblind mode / ... etc. You could try Demo for Windows / Macintosh / Linux, and could purchase from Steam.
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Developer : lenocinor
Release year : 2008
Price : Freeware

This is not a game. This is Video Game Name Generator.

User image
Let computer make names, and just see.

You visit this site, game name is made automatically. Click Next, another name, again again & again... This is not a game. This is Video Game Name Generator.

Name says lots of things usually. You could get basic information.
[Team Fortress 2] = 'Team' game, 2 means series & sequel.
[Plants vs Zombies] = Plants fight against Zombies, and Plants are player's side.
[Miss Management] = Management game, and 'Miss' has 2 meanings as 'Mistake' & 'Young Lady'.

This is Random Generator, so can't offer such informations. But we could use our imagination & guess what it looks like. In fact, even 1 of my friend started writing short fiction series based on that.

So try it. :)

Where to generate : Official Homepage
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Not sure how to call in English, however you know there are some games in Japan, as 'Fall in love with girl as a boy'. Let's call it 'Japanese love game' over here, just for explanation. (Some of them have more +19 stuffs, anyway.)

However, here released [Secret Flirts], entirely different from Japanese love game.

I remember [Sprung] for Nintendo DS, which was available at the (almost) same day for DS release in US. That was very not-so-usual game, kinda twisted version of Japanese love game. However that's not so different, if we compare to this [Secret Flirts].

Not sure how many of this will be sold, and really not sure I'd ever play it. However this could be another evolution / twist of the earlier genre. More various, more fun in game scene. :)
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