Review : [Altitude] (2009)

Developer : Nimbly Games
Release year : 2009
Price : 9.99$ (Steam Indie Game sale 2.00$ until this midweek, 9.99$ for whole Steam Indie Game pack for 7 games.)

Well made 2D Airplane shooter, 'Online Game'.

I didn't know this game is such good, even I saw that trailer earlier.

Just using Arrow Keys + S D F, so basic movement is very easy, but could be very tricky  2D Airplane shooter. It has 'Stall', if you go up too much, which you could solve as going Downside / turn on the Engine. That 'Stall' makes this game somewhat difficult, for rookie like me, however that also makes more interesting. And if I count this game except for Online stuffs, almost perfect, unbelivably well made.

But this is 'Online Game', and you could do only Tutorial & Skirmish alone. Maybe due to that sale, I could find around 50 - 70 (maybe less than 100) people at now. However, as living in Korea, I could see every rooms are over 200 Ping, while I'm kicked over 300 Ping. (Anyway I played some game in 240 Ping room, which was almost only 1 with people playing under 300.) Maybe could be good for people in US, but not for abroad. (Europe might have good Ping servers? Not sure.)

Online stuff is not so fascinating, while this is 'Online Game'. So I'm not sure 9.99$ purchase could satisfy me (and others). However it's on sale, 2$ for this / 9.99$ for 7 indie games. At least, this is worth your 2$.

Where to buy : Official Homepage, Steam
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Developer : Ska Studios
Release Year : 2009
Price : 80 ms points (around 1$.)

Shockingly well made, zombie-theme top down shooter w/ Experimental.

User image
Who could expect such a good game, from that cover?

I got really shocked to play this one.

I purchased XBOX360 very recently, and didn't think to purchase any indie Games from that. Anyway I wish to try some of them, picked this up, and...

At first minute, it was just small Indie Game, zombie-theme top down shooter. Maybe just some little kid made it for fun, nothing more than that. I was wrong. Around 3 minutes later, everything became to change. That cheesy punk music became much better, enemy became different, and even background is going very experimental (for top-down shooter). At least, this is worth for your 80 MS point.

The only 1 bad thing about this game is, it's made by Ska Studios. They released [Zombie Smashers] series for PC in the past, and released [Dishwasher] for XBLA already. Well, they are not so small to release 1$ game for Indie Games section.

Where to buy : XBLA Indie Game section at XBOX360. (Official Blog)

P.S. : Multiplay up to 4 people could be available, but not through online, maybe.
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Preview : [Lose/Lose] (2009)

Developer : Zach Gage
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware (but you MUST NOT play this.)

This game will erase your Hard Disk Drive randomly, and that's all intention of the developer.

lose/lose from zach gage on Vimeo.

>>> I've not played this game at all. This Preview is written based on Trailer & Descrption. So don't play this, just know such thing exists. <<<

It's the object of this game to ask, "Is it fair to attack enemies in Video Game?" (At least, such thing was written in the homepage.)

Alien doesn't attack player at all in this game,
but Player could kill them all easily.
And Game punishes player,
to delete Hard Disk Drive randomly.

This could be another Experimental movement, to let player think about their violence in Video Game. But I don't like to agree. This could be another kind of Violence. Just I write preview here, to avoid any innocent victims play this one.

Where to Play : I'd not link. Try google for "Lose/Lose".
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Review : [Tickler] (2009)

Developer : xpndsprt
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Very interesting twist of Top view shooter.

User image
This was more fun than I expected.

We have played many top view shooter, especially for Flash Game. But [Tickler] is different. Instead of gun, you have 'Magic Hand' style weapon & some sub weapons. Limited length, can't kill enemy at once / must hold them for a while, but it makes this game more interesting.

This could be good example, how to make good twist of famous genre. Just 1 tiny problem is, even if it does 'auto save', there's no sign about that. Except for that, everything is excellent.

Where to play : Kongregate
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5 Reasons : Why Team Fortress 2 is good?

User image
You might like [Team Fortress 2], as I do.

1. Even Casual Gamer could survive for a whlie, even kills some enemy.

I'm very bad at FPS multiplay, always die within seconds. I'm casual player at FPS multiplay. But in [Team Fortress 2], I could survive longer than seconds, in fact minutes! And even I can kill somebody, make some scores.

3 minor reasons. (1) This is hugh Team Play. If our team has good players, I could gain benefit. (2) I could choose supporting job as Engineer, even if I'm not 180 degree turn-double jumping-headshot tech. (3) It's rather 'Party Game w/ unknown people', rather than serious hardcore FPS.

2. 19.99$ only, better than 'Free 2 Play', no need to buy item.

There are many 'Free 2 Play' games including FPS, especially in Korea. We could play for free, if we don't purchase anything. But if we start paying real money, well, fee will increase really high. 'Gain lots from few payers', that's the way how 'Free 2 Play' earns money.

For [Team Fortress 2], you could pay only 19.99$ & no more, unless if you donate some server fee. I don't have to buy additional item, because others don't.

3. Animated Gore, but not so serious.

If we shoot enemy, we'd like to see good feedback. Gore could be good feedback, because it really happens when we got shot, but we don't like to see serious Gore. [TF2] found really good answer, 'Animated Gore but not so serious'.

When got bombed, arms here - legs there, all scattered. But it's not so shocking, because it's 'Animated Gore but not so serious', while we good really good feedback to kill 'em all.

4. Still updating, because it's Steam's main bait. They will never give up, for a long time.

I've not played for a while around 1-year, started again recently. I got shocked how much it was updated. Same game but different, much better for several things.

Why Valve is still updating? [TF2] is 1 of main bait, to let people use Steam longer & longer. Unless Steam closes or [TF3] appears, they will never stop updating. That's not for the money, for much bigger business strategy.

5. Still could play with other people, many of them.

There are many Multiplay games, or Singleplay games which supports Multiplay. For Multiplay, if people don't play, that game dies. To our happy, we could find lots of buddies / enemies for [TF2].
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