Korean Punk band Rux will release 3rd. album [The Eternal Child(영원한 아이들)] from Dope Entertainment at 26th. June in Korea, tomorrow. Of course, mrkwang store will sell, too.

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Official album cover of new album.

At now, 1 song [We the Victims] from new album is available as streaming at myspace, also for older songs. Will be available for last.fm streaming in the near future, too.

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Several months ago, Dope Entertainment signed Rux to release albums. For the warm-up, Dope re-released Rux 1st. album [Where do we go(우린 어디로 가는가)] & updated at last.fm. 3 songs full streaming & can listen to them random w/ tag radio - similar artist radio, as last.fm does. Of course, mrkwang store sells it.

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1st. album jacket.

That 1st. album was another masterpiece for Korean Indie Rock & Punk. Just the problem is, you can't understand how good those lyrics are. Really good lyrics for Korean songs.

Rux will perform concert to celebrate 3rd. album at 27th. Jun. in Korea, and album will be released soon. Of course, mrkwang store will sell that, too.
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