Review : [Swords & Soldiers] (2010)

Developer : Romino Games
Release Year : 2010 (PC / PS3), 2009 (WiiWare)
Price : 9.99$ (PC)

Well made Side-Scrolling RTS.

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You might play [Epic Wars] series & [Age of War] from Flash Game portal. We could call them as Side Scrolling RTS. [Swords & Soldiers] is one of them, but not frustrating as [Epic Wars]. Not-so-difficult but-so-enjoyable, 3 races (Viking / Aztec / China) have their own interesting unit & spells. Total 30 stages in Campaign mode, you could clear them within 6 hours. Some people could consider it as 'Too Short', but it's good for some boring weekend. Personally I enjoyed it very much today, so I recommend it very high. But beware for hunters of 'Steam Achievements'. Some of them are made without enough consideration, too extreme.

Where to buy : Steam

P.S. : Romino Games made 'THAT' [Blob] freeware version.
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Review : [Covetous] (2010)

Developer : austinbreed
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Horror from inside.

User image
Short Simple Strong.

Minimal, Simple, but well done horror game. You must read & understand whole texts, but it's not so difficult.

Where to play : Kongregate
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Review : [Deathspank] (2010) <XBOX360>

Developer : Hothead Games <feat. Ron Gilbert, Publisher EA Partners>
Release year : 2010
Price : 1200 MS points <XBOX360>

Well made as 'Diablo + Monkey Island', but not perfect.

I was not interested so much before, but 'hooked' right before release & purchased.

'Ron Gilbert' & 'Diablo + Monkey Island' could be big issue. And EA Partners published this, even MS pushed this game to be featured in main page of XBOX360 marketplace. It must be 'hyped' & 'famous', and this is fun & interesting game. Just the problem is, action time stops often.

[Diablo] might have great background story, but we can do 'whirlwind' to proceed without any thought. For [Deathspank], you must 'read' some part of dialogues / storyline, because some of them is essential to proceed. And there are some puzzles like (oldschool) adventure genre, and you must 'think' at then. Hack & Slash is full of action without rest, but you need to 'stop' very often in this game. I think that's the main reason why this game can't get over 90 of 100 score, even if this is fun & intersting game.

However if you want to buy it now, go for it. Really worth, just you must stop & think often.

Where to buy : Turn on the Console.
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Developer : Elite Games
Release Year : 2010
Price : Free <Flash Game>, 0.99$ <iPhone>

Combine Elements. ... That's all.

User image
Elements + Elements = New Elements.

I thought 'Combine Elements & Building some Town & Do Defense', but I was wrong. It's all about 'Combination', nothing more than that. Surprisingly, it's very fun. You could try Flash version of this game, and got hooked as I do.

But the Genius part is Business approach, 'Flash = Free & iPhone = 0.99$'. Of course, there were some good Flash Games ported into iPhone, but this [Doodle God] was made at once(not later). That could be another kind of good Business trial, even if can't be used for every games. At least, I paid 0.99$ after 5 minutes with Flash version playing.

Where to Play : Kongregate
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Review : [Bejeweled 2] (2008) <iPhone>

Developer : Popcap
Release year : 2008
Price : 2.99$

Buy. Must.

User image
I don't have to explain what this game is, however it has [Bejeweled Blitz] & became much more powerful. You could struggle with Friends at Facebook, even through Facebook. And as I played all of Facebook / PC / iPhone version of [Bejeweled Blitz], this iPhone version is also good one. Popcap will update iPhone version to use Coins / Items in the near future, and that will be much better at then. You'd purchase & be hooked, as I did.

Where to buy : iTunes appstore
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