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  1. 2009/12/11 Column : Bought XBOX360, and 1st. purchased game was [Puzzle Quest].
Few days ago, I bought XBOX360, finally. And my 1st. purchased game was, [Puzzle Quest : Challenge of the Warlords].

Well. For Pig-Min Korean, I did several features as Review (Nintendo DS / PSP / PC) - Interview - Column. I played & wrote articles about that too much. And XBLA is my 3rd. version to try. Unusual for me, because I play game & quit very fast. However there are reasons.

1. I must be familiar with XBOX360, and need proper game.
2. GamersScore...

XBOX360 is cool, but I need some Game to play which I could use for it properly. I got [Lego Batman] & [Pure] as Bundle, but they are too difficult for me. It's already midnight & can't go out to purchase some package, so I entered XBLA. And purchased it.

For GamersScore, 1 of my friend told me a lot 'how GamesScore is important', and I knew it very well. I might get some easy-achievement games, but it's already midnight. [Puzzle Quest] is not so easy game, but i already cleared it & could be better than other games.

That's why I re-purchased [Puzzle Quest] for XBLA. Still a Good Game, even better than newcomer [Gyromancer].

P.S. : How many people will do multiple purchase (or rent), to get PS3 Trophy & XBOX360 GamersScore? That could be another interesting aspects for recent game market, and that 'achievement hunter' market could be much bigger than we assume.

P.S. 2 : My GamerID is mrkwang, US account. Please add me friend if you wish. And also for XBOX360 review copies. :)
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