Preview : [Shank] (2010) <XBOX360>

Developer : Klei Entertainment <Publisher EA>
Release year : 2010
Price : 1200 MS points <XBOX360>, 14.99$ <PS3>

Cut Gun Saw ...

They were making games like this,

... and changed style like this.

Trailer was very good, so this game was hyped a lot. As you can see from the video, cut gun saw etc etc mercilessly. In Graphic Novel style world, player can do various kind of fatal actions. Player must use 8-button(!) to do such a nice actions, which could be too difficult, but not so hard until demo ends. Published by EA Partners, get good push/advertisement. But not sure it has enough playtime for 14.99$, and that 8-button is so comfortable for later play.

Where to buy : Turn on the Console.
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Preview : [Squish them all] (2010) <iPhone>

Developer : AQSystem / Magic Cube
Release year : 2010
Price : 0.99$ <iPhone>

Roll the Snowball, Squish the Zombies.

There are few games which are called as 'Snowball' genre like this one. They are very simple ones. Snowballs goes lower side of mountain, grows big, attack the zombies / avoid the woods - houses. Simple is best for these kind of games + make the 'Zombie' more visible & alive.

Where to buy : Turn on the iPhone, visit the App Store.
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Preview : [Puzzle Bots] (2010)

Developer : Ivy Games (Publisher Wadjet Eye Games)
Release year : 2010
Price : 14.99$ (CD-ROM 24.99$)

Another masterpiece. (At least, from the start.)

User image
Tutorial for Adventure Game? Does it make sense? ... Make sense a lot!

Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games did it again! This time, he's not developer / rather publisher(and programmer). However this one is also good, even somewhat different from his earlier works.

4 inventors  has made small robots, and this game is about their experience & adventure. I played 20 minutes to see 3 of them, and it was all about 'Tutorial for each robot' -> 'Cut scene with dialogue of inventors' -> 'Adventure of tiny robots'. To our surprise, they are all well organized & not boring at all. Cut scenes w/ full voice dialogue are also fun, and you could enjoy it very much. Furthermore 'Tutoria' for each robots w/ 3 levels are also fun & well made, even I could consider them excellent. And even Blackwell series had some emotional points, however Ivy Games is 1 woman team & has somewhat different emotional moving. Recommendable very highly.

Where to Buy : Wadjet Eye Games

P.S. : [Puzzle Bots] might be based on [Nanobots], earlier freeware release. I've not played it yet, not sure exactly, anyway.

Note : This preview is written based on review copy.
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Preview : [Super Mario Crossover] (2010)

Developer : Exploding Rabbit
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Justice League in Famicom era?

User image
Some retro gamer will be shocked.

Those characters are available in [Super Mario Bros. 1], with their own skill & music. Just to make balance right, enemies don't die with 1 bullet, however.

I'm not good at Platformer, so I can't proceed very well. That's why this is Preview, not Review. However I saw my friend Kcarlito playing it some more & better, and those characters fits very well to Super Mario world. If you are fan of such games, will be really satisfied & shocked. And he told me that, this game has every stages in original game. Wow.

Where to play : Newgrounds

P.S. : Kongregate had also this game, even in the weekly chart, but now erased. Maybe due to copyright problem?

P.S. 2 : As I've heard, this is 1st. work of Exploding Rabbit. Wow...
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Preview : [Shatter] (2010)

Developer : SIdhe
Release year : 2010 (PC), 2009 (PSN)
Price : 9.99$ (PC)

Resurrection of Retro genre, which major doesn't care about any more.

I didn't expect to see such a good thing.

It's 1 of important aspect of Indie Game scene, "Deals with retro genre, which major doesn't care any more." [Shatter] is perfect example of that, resurrection of 'Breakout(Arkanoid)' genre. No more clones / no more follow-ups, only [Ricotchet] series by reflexive might follw that genre these years, almost forgotten.

As you can see from the Trailer, Up<->Down board arrnage became more dynamic. Furthermore, you can do Shooting with full energy, you can put more balls as you wish, and some blocks go down to do stun-attck. But the most important & brilliant thing is, 'Suck' & 'Blow'. These put effect on moving of energy (to eat) & even ball, to make the game very interesting & tricky.

It was released for PS3 Jul. 2009, and ported to PC at now. So Console Pad could be better working, however Mouse + Keyboard is still good. (Just... key arrangement is somewhat weird, not so problem, anyway.) Bad thing is, it doesn't release demo for PC yet, and sometimes loading takes too much time. However, worth to play & recommendable.

Where to buy : Steam

P.S. : They sell music MP3s at 9.99$. Steaming is free, maybe.
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