Preview : [Super Mario Crossover] (2010)

Developer : Exploding Rabbit
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Justice League in Famicom era?

User image
Some retro gamer will be shocked.

Those characters are available in [Super Mario Bros. 1], with their own skill & music. Just to make balance right, enemies don't die with 1 bullet, however.

I'm not good at Platformer, so I can't proceed very well. That's why this is Preview, not Review. However I saw my friend Kcarlito playing it some more & better, and those characters fits very well to Super Mario world. If you are fan of such games, will be really satisfied & shocked. And he told me that, this game has every stages in original game. Wow.

Where to play : Newgrounds

P.S. : Kongregate had also this game, even in the weekly chart, but now erased. Maybe due to copyright problem?

P.S. 2 : As I've heard, this is 1st. work of Exploding Rabbit. Wow...
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Review : [Maru] (2010)

Developer : Jesse Venbrux
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware

Death & Life, I & Species.

User image
Easy, but not so easy.

'Man of Karoshi' Jesse Venbrux released another new game, while he got older & learned more technique. [Maru] seems to be similar to his earlier work [Frozzd], but has [Karoshi] spirit as 'Death(Suicide)', and furthermore it's somewhat improved as 'Next generation takes died ancestors way'. Ending is somewhat, weird or interesting.

Where to download : Official blog

P.S. : If you can't do the Ending, just watch this Youtube playthrough.
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Developer : Tim Sennett & Matt Thorson
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware

Good (or Great) Speedrun type Platformer.

RunMan: Race Around the World Release Trailer from Tom Sennett on Vimeo.

I've played this game just little bit, so can't write detail. However it's amazing Platformer. Try that trailer & download it. This is freeware, you can enjoy freely. :)

Where to download : Official Homepage

P.S. : 'Runman' seems to be kinda series, just not sure about them very well.

P.S. 2 : This is made by 'Game Maker'.

P.S. 3 : This game used 'Public Domain' music, and to my surprise, they fits very well.
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Review : [Bango] (2009)

Developer : RJGames
Release year : 2009
Price : Free (Flash Game)

Step on & Disappear.

User image
That arrow block is special, shoot bullet to disappear next block.

We have played tons of 'Jump' games, but this is different new kind of Platformer. Step on the block & move, that block will be disappeared. If you erase every block, you win.

Good new twisted idea + well done stages. Very simple rule, but more difficult than expected. Don't have to read review in long sentences, just try it. :)

Where to Play : Armor Games
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Review : [Super Karoshi] (2009)

Developer : Jesse Venbrux
Year : 2009
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Can't die, even if wish to...

User image

(Superman + Dragon Ball) / 2 + Karoshi.

* [Karoshi] series are about 'Suicide' with 'Animated Gore'. Please make sure before you try. *

If you liked [Karoshi] series, this is another fun try. If you're playing Flash Games a lot, another good worth-to-try.

Finally Jesse released 5th. series / 2nd. Flash version of [Karoshi]. 1st. Flash version was conversion of early one, however this has new stages + 'Super Karoshi' puzzle. What's 'Super Karoshi'? Well, can't die before touch that 'Green' jewel.

Puzzle is still twisted, but action is not so difficult. Even people like me, who can't jump, could clear easily. (That's very good change!)

If you've not played this yet, how about trying? :)

Where to play : Kongregate

P.S. : For earlier series, [Karoshi 2.0] was the best.
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