Developer : Ska Studios
Release Year : 2009
Price : 80 ms points (around 1$.)

Shockingly well made, zombie-theme top down shooter w/ Experimental.

User image
Who could expect such a good game, from that cover?

I got really shocked to play this one.

I purchased XBOX360 very recently, and didn't think to purchase any indie Games from that. Anyway I wish to try some of them, picked this up, and...

At first minute, it was just small Indie Game, zombie-theme top down shooter. Maybe just some little kid made it for fun, nothing more than that. I was wrong. Around 3 minutes later, everything became to change. That cheesy punk music became much better, enemy became different, and even background is going very experimental (for top-down shooter). At least, this is worth for your 80 MS point.

The only 1 bad thing about this game is, it's made by Ska Studios. They released [Zombie Smashers] series for PC in the past, and released [Dishwasher] for XBLA already. Well, they are not so small to release 1$ game for Indie Games section.

Where to buy : XBLA Indie Game section at XBOX360. (Official Blog)

P.S. : Multiplay up to 4 people could be available, but not through online, maybe.
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Review : [Zuma's Revenge] (2009)

Developer : Popcap
Release year : 2009
Price : 19.99$

Too addictive & challenging game is back!

This is really good game.

[Zuma] was one of famous success game from Popcap & Casual Gaming scene, but I didn't expect any sequel to that.1 Anyway the sequel came out, and this is another masterpiece from Popcap!

You might know how it works, even you watch that trailer, so I'd skip it. Instead, I'd write something that 'This game is for Casual & Core users at once', in improved way.

From [Peggle], Popcap games had more than 2 modes, 'Casual' (Adventure mode) & 'Hard Core' (Challenging mode). In the past, you could clear 'Casual' mode & 'Hard Core' mode unlocked.2 [Zuma's Revenge] is somewhat different. 'Story mode' is not so easy, very challenging.3 And while playing 'Story Mode', part of 'Challenging mode' are unlocked little by little & some 'Challenging Mode' is somewhat easier than 'Story mode'.4 So player might move here to there,

In fact, I'm too tired to play this game. So I'd stop writing this here. Just remember, this is another very well done addictive game.

Where to buy : Popcap

P.S. : I installed this in my Netbook, and played around 2 weeks, while in Subway - Bus & Bed. Can't stop playing...

P.S. 2 : I had really critical error once, what erased my save data. Still not sure why it happened, anyway re-started from the start & met Final boss at now. He's still too difficult, anyway.

P.S. 3 : [Zuma's Revenge : Adventure] has half of this game(Adventure mode only), and is sold 9.99$. I'd not recommend that, because other half is also fun.

  1. You know, [Puzz Loop]... [Back]
  2. Of course, some mini games were unlocked even during 'Casual' mode, for [Plants vs Zombies]. But real 'Hard Core' mode are unlocked after 'Casual' stages are over. [Back]
  3. For me, 51 - 60 stages were really difficult. [Back]
  4. I mean, those 51 - 60 stages. [Back]
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Developer : Tim Sennett & Matt Thorson
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware

Good (or Great) Speedrun type Platformer.

RunMan: Race Around the World Release Trailer from Tom Sennett on Vimeo.

I've played this game just little bit, so can't write detail. However it's amazing Platformer. Try that trailer & download it. This is freeware, you can enjoy freely. :)

Where to download : Official Homepage

P.S. : 'Runman' seems to be kinda series, just not sure about them very well.

P.S. 2 : This is made by 'Game Maker'.

P.S. 3 : This game used 'Public Domain' music, and to my surprise, they fits very well.
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Review : [Tickler] (2009)

Developer : xpndsprt
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Very interesting twist of Top view shooter.

User image
This was more fun than I expected.

We have played many top view shooter, especially for Flash Game. But [Tickler] is different. Instead of gun, you have 'Magic Hand' style weapon & some sub weapons. Limited length, can't kill enemy at once / must hold them for a while, but it makes this game more interesting.

This could be good example, how to make good twist of famous genre. Just 1 tiny problem is, even if it does 'auto save', there's no sign about that. Except for that, everything is excellent.

Where to play : Kongregate
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Review : [Azada : Ancient Magic] (2008)

Developer : Big Fish Games
Release year : 2008
Price : 6.99$ (Big FIsh Game Club needed.)

Well made puzzle adventure, in casual gaming scene.

User image
Solve the puzzles in a book, 3-4 pages long & all connected.

[Azada] was good game, so sequel was promising. Just missed the chance when it's released, and played recently to the end.

[Azada] was Puzzle Adventure, and [Azada : Ancient Magic] follows that. Of course, there are some differences & improvements.

Major difference is, Puzzle of [Azada] was about 1 page only, but Puzzle of [Azada : Ancient Magic] is about whole 1 book. Each book has 3-4 pages, and player must gather items / solve the puzzle. Better than [Azada], because those pages are all connected & not just compilation of puzzle pages.

If you're fan of Casual Gaming / Adventure Games / Puzzle Games, [Azada] series is good to try. And [Azada : Ancient Magic] is another big jewel in the scene, not hidden one. :)

Where to buy : Big Fish Games
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