Review : [Record Tripping] (2010)

Developer : Bell Brothers
Release year : 2010
Price : Free (Flash game)

Scratch as DJ, but NOT DJ game.

User image
Only at Tutorial, you see DJ Turntable.

There were some DJ-like game, as [Beat Mania] or [DJ Hero]. If this game is simulating DJ work, could be another similar thing like that. But this is NOT DJ game, even if it uses Mouse Wheel to scratch forward - backward & scratches BGM which is kinda Trip-hop style. Hard to say, however this is kinda Arcade game rather than Music game. And that's very good thing for this game.

Hard to explain much better. This game is very short, only needs around 5 minutes to finish. So try it by yourself. Can't be longer / bigger game, still worth.

Where to play : Kongregate
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Developer : Aero
Release Year : 2008
Price : 5$

FMV + Panorama picture, could be another future of Adventure genre.

Even if it says 'Episode 0' in the title, those are taken from Episode 1.

I wrote about basic game system at Episode 0 review, so I'd pass it now. After they made until Ep. 2 & released Demo Ep. 0, so this Episode 1 is the first of them. However Ep. 0 didn't have some mini games - NPC, so you could think this Ep. 1 is improved version of Ep. 0.

Best thing is, Movie / Photo / Actor's Act are all good. Except for low quality of Zoomed in photos, everything is fine, and even some in-game movies are well shot. And every Movies - Voices have English Subtitles, which helps understanding much better to foreigner like me. Even Interviews have summarized journal, which is very good for understanding. And after ending of Ep. 1, very-well-made-to-hook-us-all trailer of Ep. 2 appears.

This series will be completed w/ Ep. 6, and if they make 2-3 Ep. per year, that could be good. At least, you could try Ep. 0 & purchase this Ep. 1 cheap. I think they are so worthy.

Where to buy : Official Homepage
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Review : [Avenue Flo] (2009)

Developer : Playfirst
Release year : 2009
Price : 6.99$ (Big Fish Games)

Another [Diner Dash] game, but... Point & Click Adventure!!!

User image
I didn't check screenshot carefully before d/l, so didn't know genre at all.

[Diner Dash] is 1 big franchise for Casual Gaming, and as you know, it had MANY neighbors. So that's not so surprising to see another came out, which is all about serving customers. But this is different. This is Point & Click Adventure, instead of Time Management!

[Avenue Flo] has Casual Mystery, as 'Who did it & Why'. Somebody interrupts big marriage this town, and our heroin Flo must gather items - solve problems - pass mini games to make things all right. And as we could suspect, everything is solved & they lived happily ever after. (Good for Casual Game, isn't it?)

As I think, the best part is Journal. Almost every Adventure games have Journal, which posts about ideas - quest lists - situations - informations. But almost every Journals are just text based, whether they are written in Note or PDA. This is different. [Avenue Flo] has good Journal design, which resembles real paperwork (even cute pictures!) done by young aged woman. It shows informations clearly, in more beautiful (and realistic) way. That makes entire game more fun, because makes reading it more fun.

This is Casual Game, so some Core Adventure gamer could think too simple - easy - short. However, this is surprisingly well made & fun game, and still worth to try, whether you like [Diner Dash] franchise or not.

Where to buy : Big Fish Games
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Developer : 5th. cell (Publisher is Time Warner)
Release year : 2009
Price : 29.99$

If you need some item, 'Type the Spelling' to summon!

I got really shocked.

There are mini-game sized stages & puzzles, player must do some object. But I can't do that with items in the ground. So what will we do? Type the words -> Summon the Object. We could use various words(noun), and even if we solve same puzzle, there are many possibilites to proceed.

Furthermore, if we clear it 1 time, we get Silver Star. But if we clear it once again 3 times without pause, we get Gold Star. So we must use 3 different solutions, to solve 1 puzzle. To climb up that height? We could use 'Wing' to fly, or summon 'Ladder' 3 times & stock them. They could be ready for several different solutions for 1 puzzle, but the better thing is, let player use them.

And there happens some problem. If we can't think about solution, what to summon & use, can't clear at all.  Of course, we can clear 1 time usually. But how about 3? I found 'Wing' to fly / 'Ladder' to climb, but what's 3rd.? Can't think, stuck, and that stress is much more than plain puzzles. And if you're NOT native-English user, "I know what to use, but how do I write in English?" problem happens. That's serious one, if some foreigner like me plays.

However this is very evolving & brilliant puzzle game. At least, you might try it. 

Where to buy : Play-Asia

P.S. : Developer 5th. cell has made [Drawn to Life], another experimental style game for Nintendo DS.
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Review : [Mutant Uprising] (2010)

Developer : GPStudios
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Web Flash Game)

Well made text adventure, about Zombie(Mutant) Apocalypse.

User image
Zombie shooter or Room escape game?
This is 'Text Adventure', not typing but choosing!

There are many zombie shooters released, so I assume this is another one. To see 1st. screen, I thought it's another room escape. I was all wrong. This is 'Text Adventure', which you can choose next step. And to my surprise, kinda well made.

Even with very limited graphic & sound, this game is full of thrill & horror & even gore w/ Texts Furthermore, text (for each windows) are not very long, so good to read & suck into the game easily.

Choose good way, you'd proceed. If not, you die & re-start from the checkpoint. That's very basic logic & too simple, anyway this game offers 3 kind of scores as 'Kindness' / 'Information' / 'Brutallity'. You could obtain such achievements by choosing right way, and they are calculated at the end of game to let you have Score.

Unless you really hate reading English zombie horror story, this is worth to try. For me, liked very much, even if I'll not re-play it.

Where to play : Kongregate
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