Review : [Puzzle Bots] (2010)

Developer : Ivy Games (Publisher Wadjet Eye Games)
Release year : 2010
Price : 14.99$ (CD-ROM 24.99$)

Fun & Interesting, but Short.

User image
Comfortable(?) robot house.

Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games is new adventure game genius, as you know. This time, he's NOT developer, but publisher. (In fact, did Programming / voice actor, however.)

All of his games are 'Beautifully developed user experience & well organized background story but ends fast', and [Puzzle Bots] is still same. Different thing is, his games were more darker & deeper, but this game is more fun & interesting, even somewhat girly. So some people could call it 'no depth at all', however such thing is still good.

Bad thing is... All of his games are 'Well developed user experienced & very good background story, but short'. This is no exception. It's not so due to budget limit, because [Emerald City Confidential] funded by Playfirst had boring problem in the middle. And this time, I feel somewhat shorter, just gather 5 robots & ends soon. For some people, could finish within 4 hours.

All of his games are great experience to Adventure gamers, but could feel 'too short' compared to production time & purchase cost. However, if you're already hooked with his style, you have to buy it.

Where to buy : Wadjet Eye Games
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Preview : [Shatter] (2010)

Developer : SIdhe
Release year : 2010 (PC), 2009 (PSN)
Price : 9.99$ (PC)

Resurrection of Retro genre, which major doesn't care about any more.

I didn't expect to see such a good thing.

It's 1 of important aspect of Indie Game scene, "Deals with retro genre, which major doesn't care any more." [Shatter] is perfect example of that, resurrection of 'Breakout(Arkanoid)' genre. No more clones / no more follow-ups, only [Ricotchet] series by reflexive might follw that genre these years, almost forgotten.

As you can see from the Trailer, Up<->Down board arrnage became more dynamic. Furthermore, you can do Shooting with full energy, you can put more balls as you wish, and some blocks go down to do stun-attck. But the most important & brilliant thing is, 'Suck' & 'Blow'. These put effect on moving of energy (to eat) & even ball, to make the game very interesting & tricky.

It was released for PS3 Jul. 2009, and ported to PC at now. So Console Pad could be better working, however Mouse + Keyboard is still good. (Just... key arrangement is somewhat weird, not so problem, anyway.) Bad thing is, it doesn't release demo for PC yet, and sometimes loading takes too much time. However, worth to play & recommendable.

Where to buy : Steam

P.S. : They sell music MP3s at 9.99$. Steaming is free, maybe.
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Review : [Altitude] (2009)

Developer : Nimbly Games
Release year : 2009
Price : 9.99$ (Steam Indie Game sale 2.00$ until this midweek, 9.99$ for whole Steam Indie Game pack for 7 games.)

Well made 2D Airplane shooter, 'Online Game'.

I didn't know this game is such good, even I saw that trailer earlier.

Just using Arrow Keys + S D F, so basic movement is very easy, but could be very tricky  2D Airplane shooter. It has 'Stall', if you go up too much, which you could solve as going Downside / turn on the Engine. That 'Stall' makes this game somewhat difficult, for rookie like me, however that also makes more interesting. And if I count this game except for Online stuffs, almost perfect, unbelivably well made.

But this is 'Online Game', and you could do only Tutorial & Skirmish alone. Maybe due to that sale, I could find around 50 - 70 (maybe less than 100) people at now. However, as living in Korea, I could see every rooms are over 200 Ping, while I'm kicked over 300 Ping. (Anyway I played some game in 240 Ping room, which was almost only 1 with people playing under 300.) Maybe could be good for people in US, but not for abroad. (Europe might have good Ping servers? Not sure.)

Online stuff is not so fascinating, while this is 'Online Game'. So I'm not sure 9.99$ purchase could satisfy me (and others). However it's on sale, 2$ for this / 9.99$ for 7 indie games. At least, this is worth your 2$.

Where to buy : Official Homepage, Steam
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Review : [Stark Tower Defense] (2010)

Service : Marvel Kids
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

For Advertisement + Children, but still good.

User image
This is early stage, so don't have much towers - enemies. Later, it's flooded.

This is kinda advergame of [Superhero Squad Show], Animation made by Marvel for children. We know many Advergames are boring, also marked for children. To our happy, this is good/ fun / well-made Defense game.

Many defense games are dedicated to 'Few towers - Many upgrades'. This game is different. 'Many towers - Few upgrades'. Of course, you must upgrade those towers fully. However this game has only 3 level for each tower, so 2 upgrades are needed. There's only 1 stage in this game, but really many enemies are spawned around 30 waves. Both of Towers & Enemies, they are all flooded in that area. The road is somewhat confusing if you start for the first time, so need to learn by trial & error.

Needs more time than expected & no save at all, but still worth to play. Too fun, so I cleared it twice. :)

Where to play : Official Homepage
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Review : [Megadrill] (2010)

Developer : Small is Beautiful
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Not every 'dig' games are like [Mister Driller].

User image
There are some games as Earn some money / Buy Skill / Let's do better in next stage,
but no fixed genre name was made yet, as I know.

When we play [Mister Driller], we must press button to dig. But for [Megadrill], it digs automatically & we just rotate Left or Right. Plus Up button is for Nitro, and Mouse Left Click launches Mech Mole to pick up far treasure. Only 2 button game, and if we add 2 additional, just 4 button & very simple control. Every stage ends Fuel is empty, but even High Pressure stops the stage, so you must care about both. Personal best thing is Music changes if you dig deeper. Additionally treasure's becoming more worth, and it's very good. If you level up every skill to the end, you could go to Ending right after that. However there are several endings depends on how much you earned, so if you want better - you must gain more.

Where to play : Kongregate
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