Online performance against Korean Game Rating Board, by Indie Game makers.
Will distribute non-game software which shows "NOT rated by GRB, so you can't play' at Sep. 17th. 2010

Seoul, South Korea, Sep. 12th. 2010 - Korean Indie Game makers team up to do online performance against GRB, Game Rating Board in Korea.

Early of September 2010, there happened 2 cases by Korean Game Rating Board(GRB). 1 of them is 'banning Steam from Korea' rumor, and another is 'All games must be rated including Freeware Indie Game'. 2 small RPG maker community had to close game upload forum, because they got official documents from GRB, 'to get rated or punished by law'. This rating is for every single games in that forum, over 100 games / 10,000$ rating fee. There was no choice but to close upload forum.

We Pig-Min Agency think it's too much, decided to do online performance 'NOT rated by GRB, so you can't play'. This performance is for spreading non-game software which shows message against GRB. This software looks like usual games, which shows opening & menu. But if user clicks to play, "NOT rated by GRB, so you can't play" screen appears & exit. This means, not only indie game makers are restricted, but also Players got limited.

This performance is started by Pig-Min Agency & 2 attached teams Turtle Cream & Arcshock. Got some volunteers from Korean local scene, including some Web Strategy Games / Doujin game style / Flash Game makers. Some other Indie Game creators do it as their own way, even if not joined us officially.

It will be done at 17th. 2010 21:00 in Korean time, uploading all Software & announcements link to each other as "Size doesn't matter day" performance. We also hope to get assist from abroad, not sure how to do that. If you are interested, please contact us.

Contact :
e-mail (Pig-Min Agency)

Source :
TIG source article (English)
TIG source thread (English)
reddit article, which became source of foreign news (English)

Detailed Summary of this situation (Korean only)
Announcement of closing game uploading board, by RPG maker community nioty, including scan of official documents from GRB (Korean only) :

Performance announcement (Korean only)
T-shirt for this performance (Korean only)

GRB homepage (English)
GRB forum flooded by by Korean protest (Korean. Must be logged in to write, and join is very difficult for foreigners.)

Images for 'NOT rated by GRB, so you can't play'. :

More information  :
Will be posted at (English),
Already posted at (Korean language only)

About Turtle Cream:
"Tuttle Cream" is a studio founded around students of the Sogang Univ. Game education center in Korea. It strives to create small but unique games. The team showed its potential with its first production, "Cut & Paste," which was also highlighted by various media including GameSpot and GameSetWatch. "Sugar Cube" is their latest work, unique puzzle platformer.

About Arcshock :
Husband(moonyeom) & Wife(komagi) team in Korea, with over combined 20 years of Korean game development experience. Always wanted to make game, but Korean gaming scene is too online-based, so had hard time to make what then wanted. With Indie project Arcshock, their dream come true. Released 1st. game [Sand Castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] at Apr 2010, around 2,000 downloads happened around 1 month.

About Pig-Min Agency :
Pig-Min was 4-years-old Indie Game blog webzine for Korean, and decided to support Korean Indie Games to go abroad from 1 year ago, under the name of Pig-Min Agency. [Sugar Cube] done by Turtle Cream is latest & 3rd. [Sand castle - Prelude : The Faded Memories] is 2nd., and 1st. work was [Cut & Paste] by Turtle Cream.

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Every Interviews are moved! to Pig-Min English!

Pig-Min was somewhat (or little bit) famous even outside Korea before, because we Pig-Min did several interviews abroad in the past. Just the problem was, PIg-Min was for Korean native people & Everything was written in Korean language, except for Interview category & few others. Foreign visitors could see each interviews, but had hard time to browse.

At now, Pig-Min English opened, which is written in English only.
So I decided to move older Interview archives to Pig-Min English, and... finished now!

Pig-Min English has Interview category, total 35.
33 were older archives, and recently I did 2 more.

Not sure Pig-Min Interviews are perfect, however worth to check & read.
So... Enjoy reading! :)
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* I used this way to write Review for Pig-Min, and will use for Benchmark at Pig-Min Agency. *

If you already have your own way, to write Review or do Benchmark Indie Games, that's good.
But if you don't have your own way or just starter, you could check my own way.

<5 Keywords (& the reason) / Good things / Bad things>

- 5 Keywords which could represent that game, and the reason why you picked each keywords.
- Good things about that game, as many as possible.
- Bad things about that game, as many as possible.

I've used this around 3 years, when I wrote reviews for Pig-Min Korean version & send e-mail to game makers who gave me review copies.1

Of course, this might NOT be so powerful as Deep Reverse Engineering. However it's easy to try, and will not take hugh time. If you do that over 1 year - 50 games / 1 week - 1 game, you will be much better than what you are right now.

At least, I think so. :)

  1. In fact, I did 1 line summary instead of 5 keywords. Anyway 5 keywords could be better for Benchmark. And I'm changing the way how to write review little by little, anyway. [Back]
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Pig-Min Agency started.

Pig-Min Agency just started, few days (or few weeks) ago.
It's all about 'Let Korean Indie Game go abroad'.

Until now, there are not many things to talk about that, because it's just the beginning.
Anyway it started, and I'd like to post about that here. :)

Please wait for little bit more, maybe months, or even years.

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As you know, Pig-Min has done over 30 Interviews, written in English.
Those English versions are originally available at Pig-Min Korean version.

At now, I'm moving them to Pig-Min English.
They are old, however still good archives.
I already made Interview category. :)

The best thing is, I could update them as old archives, not new writing.
If some interview was updated at 28th. Jul 2007, I could use that timetable here, too.
You might not be misleading, to consider old archives as new ones. :)

And Pig-Min start 'Interviews' again, which wasn't done around half-1-year.
Just I'm not sure When & Who & How.
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