I bought [Bad Rats] from Steam Sale, because it's under 1$ & had steam achievements. I played it without any information, and... got shocked to see how bad it is. I don't blame it for bug / UI ... etc. Subject of the game is very bad.

It's 'Physics Puzzle', which has influence from [Incredible Machine] series. Place object here & there, and finally get to the point. Big problem lies here, Killing Cat. I'm not kidding. This game is all about Killing Cat, in most violent ways. Bomb / Chainsaw / Microwave / ... etc. It's not comic as [Tom & Jerry]. Even if it has low version of Computer Graphic, it shows Blood & Guts without any censorship. They made Physics Puzzle to the extreme, and it's not so good. Big Fish Games will never host it, and if it got hit, will get really many blames & flames.

Opposite, [Sand Castle - Prelude] was chosen E3 2010 : Best of Indiecade, for kids. Basically they are similar genre. [Bad Rats] is bad, [Sand Castle - Prelude] is good for kids. The difference is, useless extreme / calm & peaceful gameplay.
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No more wait, no more hassle!
[Sand Castle - Prelude: The Faded Memories], done by Arcshock(member of Pig-Min Agency) will be released within this week.

And this is the Trailer!

All the musics are composed / recorded by moonyeom, who did programming of this game.
MP3 wil be released seperately soon, too.

This 'Prelude' version will be Freeware. And from Jun. this year, Arcshock will start making Commercial version of this game.

More information : Arcshock
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Preview : [Rubber Ninjas] (2009)

Developer : Ragdoll Software
Release Year : 2009
Price : 19.95$

eh............ wow.

At least, watch this trailer. Worth for 90 seconds (maybe).

Seems to be difficult? Just using WASD.
How to attack? You move Ragdoll, and everything is automatic.
How to fan Camera? When you attack / defend, all automatic.

The important thing is, this is NOT 1st. Ragdoll fighting by them (or him). There was [Ragdoll Masters] few years ago, and they (or he) released several Ragdoll related games until now. Ragdoll Ragdoll Ragdoll. It's almost concentration.

Well. I'm not sure how well it will be sold, however... wow.

Where to buy : Official Homepage

P.S. : The most important thing is, 'Ragdoll' word is not used for game title any more.
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