According to Original Sound Version, he really did it.

Anyway it's referenced too many times. I saw it from Original Sound Vision, and OSV got that news from VGMdb forum by dma, and that's originally published at 'Black and White' - French magazine dedicated to Michael Jackson. At least, OSV is 3rd. source.

We heard so many rumors that 'Maybe MJ did that song?', but had no proof about that. I can't read & confirm that French magazine by myself, so can't double-check it. Anyway it seems that rumor has ended - fact has reveiled.
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Music : 3 recent memorial regarding to music.

1. Buckethead tribute to Michael Jackson.

Awesome guitarlist Buckethead did tribute to Michael Jackson, at his official homepage. Below that picture, you could see music player. Really good New Age style song, and I listened it several times again again & again.

2. Midnight of Crimson Glory is gone.

Crimson Glory was somewhat famous heavy metal band around late of 1980's & early of 1990's. Vocalist Midnight has passed away. Personally, I don't know their music very well even I bought their 3 early CDs years ago. It's time to extract mp3s & listen, and miss them.

3. Korean ex-President Roh Moo Hyun.

via Indieful ROK.

Toystore will release 1 CD, which does memorial of Korean ex-President Roh Moo Hyun. But that's not for retail sale, just reserve from Korean homepage. All income will be donated to build 'Roh Memory Center'. Many Pastel artists features, as AdultChild(어른아이) / Taru(타루) / 캐스커(Casker) / 미스티 블루(Misty Blue).
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Before the King passed away.

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After the King passed away.

You could search for yourself through this link.

Lists are made as 'Sort by - Price : Highest First', and excluded some buy it now results (which were completed very quickly after the news)  from completed listings.
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