Baekdoosan is back after (almost) 20 years disband. They were popular in 1980's Korea, almost legend, but only did 3 years career for 2 albums if we don't count  3rd. album in 1990's.

They re-united last year, and released 4th. album [Return of the King] this year.

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This is still rocking, and you could listen to 3 songs full streaming at . Of course, mrkwang store is selling it.

Anyway I found 1 Youtube today, which had their 1980's TV show. Sync is not so good, anyway very rare jewel.

This video has 2 songs, [말할걸] - [Up in the Sky]. Old songs, however [Up in the Sky] is re-recorded for 4th. album. [Up in the Sky] is availble for full streaming at, so have some time to compare. :)
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If you've not listened to Hellking yet, it's good day to start.

Hellking is 1 man band. Yes. He's doing vocal / guitar / drum / etc by himself, sometimes with help from his friends. He's Korean-American, but has some connection with Korean Punk scene as Townhall. I heard he'd feature in Townhall compilation soon, just not sure when it's available.

And he's recording 2nd. full feature album, in kinda professional way. However I liked his songs over 1 year, even just home recording.

Try his music, and experience good time.

Hellking music : (Download available), Myspace (Streaming only)
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Music : Toxicbiasfleurivy, not IDM / but GDM.

Have you ever tried Toxicbiasfleurivy? In fact, you might not heard that name before, almost never.

Toxicbiasfleurivy is Korean electronic duo, released 3 albums until now. People call their music as IDM, but they refused to be called like that. Instead, they wanted to be called as GDM, Garage Desktop Music.

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It's always good to try new kind of music, especially when you could try online streaming for free.

At their page, their 2nd. [Uncertainty Composition] & 3rd. [Particles] are available to stream. Try them, and if you like them, purchase CDs from mrkwang store.

P.S. : As you can see, mrkwang is managing their music at :)

P.S. 2 : Don't forget to read mini interview, released by Indieful ROK.
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