[Indie Game : the Movie] project started funding through Kickstarter. Final goal is 15,000$, but already gained 7,895$ slightly after 1 day, over 50%. This film will be Documentary about Indie Game makers, and from 2010 Fall, they will move to film them around USA & Canada. You could check official homepage.

Over 300$ donation, could submit own game trailer (will be edited & included in the credit) & featured in homepage. I guess some small developers might want that, and that could be the reason for so fast funding.
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via Indiegames.com/blog

Up to now, we can see only 1 short PDF & Gamasutra interview w/ CEO. We could know only these things.

- 1st. winner get 100,000$, and total prize is 500,000$.
- For New platforms. : Not for PC?
- '2P Summary' & '5 minutes video'. : Playable game not needed?
- NDA will be reveiled : This is NOT common competition?

Nothing more is reveiled yet, however the most important thing will be 'Activision gains right of Winner' or not. NDA could mean, just joining this competition could be signing contract. Even if Activision didn't acquire IP itself, there could be some option 'Winner must be distributed only through Activision'. Of course, that could be good news, unless "Contest Winning Prize = Deposit = Full payment for whole game". And if this is NOT for PC at all, many PC developers might have disadvantage.
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News : Indie Games Xmas Calendar 2009!

Not sure who started this, however 'Indie Games Xmas Calendar 2009' is going on. Similar to Steam or Direct2Drive daily sales, however this is all about 'Indie' & 'non-commercial'.

Total 24 doors will be opened, day by day. Behind that doors, there are Indie Games. They are not freebies, just some information & link to the games. However such a thing is interesting & worth.

Merry X-mas to Indie Gamers!
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This is not Pig-Min's own column, just link to Gamesradar.

I've not visited Gamesradar before, maybe will never again. This is not Indie Game professional webzine at all, but that's why this column is worth. Did interview with several Indie Game developers, and did summary very well. This column is really worth to read, if you're interested in Indie Game scene.

For me, I could do 1 line summary like this.
"Indie Game is various."
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Experimental Gameplay Project re-opened!

To do Pig-Min, I searched & visited many websites in the past. I happened to meet a site named after 'Experimental Gameplay Project'. It's too... much experimental, I can't understand their games fully, however looked cool. Later I tried to re-visit, that site was gone. Darn, another Internet history, maybe.

Today I found Experimental Gameplay Project re-opened as ver. 3.0! Hurrah!1

It was full website, but changed to blog type.
It doesn't update so many articles often, however has games archive.

If you're interested, visit it. :)

P.S. : Kyle Gabler from 2dboy involved, [World of Goo] fame. You already know about that, anyway just in case. :)

  1. Eh... It was re-opened at late of June, I just found very late. [Back]
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