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  1. 2009/07/04 Korean PC Game Rips-Off Team Fortress 2? (2)
via Kotaku.

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Trailer of Korean FPS [H.A.V.E. Online] has many things, very similar to [Team Fortress 2].

I saw that in Korean local webzine, but never thought even Kotaku will feature it. (What a Internet world!) Anyway I think that's not so big problem, rip-off or not.

- Not sure it will be really released. (Even released, not sure worth to care.)

You might be shocked, if you know HOW MANY online games are being made in Korea & HOW MANY of them are NOT completed. Could be many reasons. Company give up the project, Publisher doesn't support any more, Cash flow stopped, ... etc etc. And even completed & started service, not sure that game succeed in the market, because it's already full of FPSs.

And for SK-imedia, which is publisher for that game... SK is big & famous company in Korea, outside Korea. But when SK does something for Game, all dropped & disappeared.1 I don't think this could be exception, just could be another stereotype.

So I don't think it's big problem, if [H.A.V.E. Online] is rip off or not, because it will not be really released.

P.S. : If we have problem in Korean FPS, that could be [Karma 2]. It will be really completed & released, and everybody knows it did 'Nazi' promotion.

  1. Ntreev of [Pangya] could be exception, but SK bought that company after their success. [Back]
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