Preview : [Super Mario Crossover] (2010)

Developer : Exploding Rabbit
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Justice League in Famicom era?

User image
Some retro gamer will be shocked.

Those characters are available in [Super Mario Bros. 1], with their own skill & music. Just to make balance right, enemies don't die with 1 bullet, however.

I'm not good at Platformer, so I can't proceed very well. That's why this is Preview, not Review. However I saw my friend Kcarlito playing it some more & better, and those characters fits very well to Super Mario world. If you are fan of such games, will be really satisfied & shocked. And he told me that, this game has every stages in original game. Wow.

Where to play : Newgrounds

P.S. : Kongregate had also this game, even in the weekly chart, but now erased. Maybe due to copyright problem?

P.S. 2 : As I've heard, this is 1st. work of Exploding Rabbit. Wow...
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Review : [Maru] (2010)

Developer : Jesse Venbrux
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware

Death & Life, I & Species.

User image
Easy, but not so easy.

'Man of Karoshi' Jesse Venbrux released another new game, while he got older & learned more technique. [Maru] seems to be similar to his earlier work [Frozzd], but has [Karoshi] spirit as 'Death(Suicide)', and furthermore it's somewhat improved as 'Next generation takes died ancestors way'. Ending is somewhat, weird or interesting.

Where to download : Official blog

P.S. : If you can't do the Ending, just watch this Youtube playthrough.
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Review : [Restraining Order] (2009)

Developer : Bigpants
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware

What is this. Z-grade game, with AAA-grade Effects & Sounds?

You can't imagine enough, just watching this trailer.

It doesn't matter that you're the monster & chasing a girl, while some police attack you. This game is some Z-grade cheesy stuff, but has AAA grade Visual & Sound Effects / Music. I can't believe my eyes while I play this one to the ending, such surprising effects are gathered into that dark joke. Effects & Musics are really really reallllllly well done, especially for musics. So try it if you dare!

Where to download : Official Homepage
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Review : [Stark Tower Defense] (2010)

Service : Marvel Kids
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

For Advertisement + Children, but still good.

User image
This is early stage, so don't have much towers - enemies. Later, it's flooded.

This is kinda advergame of [Superhero Squad Show], Animation made by Marvel for children. We know many Advergames are boring, also marked for children. To our happy, this is good/ fun / well-made Defense game.

Many defense games are dedicated to 'Few towers - Many upgrades'. This game is different. 'Many towers - Few upgrades'. Of course, you must upgrade those towers fully. However this game has only 3 level for each tower, so 2 upgrades are needed. There's only 1 stage in this game, but really many enemies are spawned around 30 waves. Both of Towers & Enemies, they are all flooded in that area. The road is somewhat confusing if you start for the first time, so need to learn by trial & error.

Needs more time than expected & no save at all, but still worth to play. Too fun, so I cleared it twice. :)

Where to play : Official Homepage
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