Review : [Covetous] (2010)

Developer : austinbreed
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Horror from inside.

User image
Short Simple Strong.

Minimal, Simple, but well done horror game. You must read & understand whole texts, but it's not so difficult.

Where to play : Kongregate
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Preview : [Super Mario Crossover] (2010)

Developer : Exploding Rabbit
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Justice League in Famicom era?

User image
Some retro gamer will be shocked.

Those characters are available in [Super Mario Bros. 1], with their own skill & music. Just to make balance right, enemies don't die with 1 bullet, however.

I'm not good at Platformer, so I can't proceed very well. That's why this is Preview, not Review. However I saw my friend Kcarlito playing it some more & better, and those characters fits very well to Super Mario world. If you are fan of such games, will be really satisfied & shocked. And he told me that, this game has every stages in original game. Wow.

Where to play : Newgrounds

P.S. : Kongregate had also this game, even in the weekly chart, but now erased. Maybe due to copyright problem?

P.S. 2 : As I've heard, this is 1st. work of Exploding Rabbit. Wow...
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Review : [Stark Tower Defense] (2010)

Service : Marvel Kids
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

For Advertisement + Children, but still good.

User image
This is early stage, so don't have much towers - enemies. Later, it's flooded.

This is kinda advergame of [Superhero Squad Show], Animation made by Marvel for children. We know many Advergames are boring, also marked for children. To our happy, this is good/ fun / well-made Defense game.

Many defense games are dedicated to 'Few towers - Many upgrades'. This game is different. 'Many towers - Few upgrades'. Of course, you must upgrade those towers fully. However this game has only 3 level for each tower, so 2 upgrades are needed. There's only 1 stage in this game, but really many enemies are spawned around 30 waves. Both of Towers & Enemies, they are all flooded in that area. The road is somewhat confusing if you start for the first time, so need to learn by trial & error.

Needs more time than expected & no save at all, but still worth to play. Too fun, so I cleared it twice. :)

Where to play : Official Homepage
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Review : [Megadrill] (2010)

Developer : Small is Beautiful
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Not every 'dig' games are like [Mister Driller].

User image
There are some games as Earn some money / Buy Skill / Let's do better in next stage,
but no fixed genre name was made yet, as I know.

When we play [Mister Driller], we must press button to dig. But for [Megadrill], it digs automatically & we just rotate Left or Right. Plus Up button is for Nitro, and Mouse Left Click launches Mech Mole to pick up far treasure. Only 2 button game, and if we add 2 additional, just 4 button & very simple control. Every stage ends Fuel is empty, but even High Pressure stops the stage, so you must care about both. Personal best thing is Music changes if you dig deeper. Additionally treasure's becoming more worth, and it's very good. If you level up every skill to the end, you could go to Ending right after that. However there are several endings depends on how much you earned, so if you want better - you must gain more.

Where to play : Kongregate
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Review : [Robot Unicorn Attack] (2010)

Developer : Spiritonin Media (Publisher Adult Swim)
Release Year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

[Canabalt] + 2 button + Erasure.

User image
Erasure saves everything.

[Canabalt] became too famous 1-button-jump game. This game follows it, with some additional aspects. Double Jump (which makes more milder) + 2-button-game with 'Dash' + Fantasy atmosphere with Unicorn (& SF base with Robot). Major different is, [Canabalt] was very speedy, but [Robot Unicorn Attack] is more calm.

The most important thing is Back Ground Music. I never thought I could listen such famous musician from (limited-budget) Flash Game. Erasure [Always] remix is well used, and it saves & cures & forgives everything. Just I wonder, how developer got the right to use.

Where to play : Adult Swim
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