Preview : [Rubber Ninjas] (2009)

Developer : Ragdoll Software
Release Year : 2009
Price : 19.95$

eh............ wow.

At least, watch this trailer. Worth for 90 seconds (maybe).

Seems to be difficult? Just using WASD.
How to attack? You move Ragdoll, and everything is automatic.
How to fan Camera? When you attack / defend, all automatic.

The important thing is, this is NOT 1st. Ragdoll fighting by them (or him). There was [Ragdoll Masters] few years ago, and they (or he) released several Ragdoll related games until now. Ragdoll Ragdoll Ragdoll. It's almost concentration.

Well. I'm not sure how well it will be sold, however... wow.

Where to buy : Official Homepage

P.S. : The most important thing is, 'Ragdoll' word is not used for game title any more.
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Preview : [Terrordrome] (2006~ ) <ver 2.5>

Developer : Terrordrome team (maybe)
Release year : 2006~ (Still demo ver 2.5)
Price : Freeware (even for official release in the future.)

Really impressed, for ex-horror fan.

This is ver 2.0 trailer in 2008.
ver 2.5 has 7 playable characters.


Could be 'Dreams Come True' of horror movie lovers. Famous (or Infamous) characters gather all around & fight each other in 2-D! It's unofficial of course, and even using Enterbrain's Fighter Maker 2D engine1.

Good thing is, every animation / character design / background graphic is almost perfect. I've played little bit for Ash, even knocked out by Chucky, their outlooks are really cool. Not sure exactly it's good for 2D fighting game, anyway it looks really really cool.

Bad thing is, everything is unofficial. Characters are unlicensed (of course) / Engine is only sold in Japan (so hac...) / ... etc.

However if you're horror fan & 2D fighting games, this demo is worth to D/L.

Where to get : Official Homepage

  1. ... in hacked version. It's not sold outside Japan at all, according to the interview. [Back]
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You might remember [Lugaru], 'Rabbit Fighting Game'. [Overgrowth] is follower of that, still in making, Rabbit / Wolf / ... etc fighting game.

Wolfire games released webcomic for [Overgrowth]. It's just the start, but has something for Martial Arts style action, w/ some Animated Gore.

If you're fan of [Lugaru], or Martial Action style stuffs, check [Overgrowth] webcomic.
(Warning : Animated Gore included.)
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