Turtle Cream released 2nd. trailer of [Cut & Paste], which is for using 'Stone'. Because people can't understand "What to do?" with that game, they decided to release some other trailer about using objects.

This is not so entertaining / informative, and not so many will see that additional trailer. However it's good to try something, when they found what to do. "People can't understand exactly, so let's make another instruction trailer!" Good move.

Cut & Paste : Stone from turtle cream on Vimeo.

Official blog : Turtle Cream
Where to download : Filefront / Fileplanet
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Preview : [Lose/Lose] (2009)

Developer : Zach Gage
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware (but you MUST NOT play this.)

This game will erase your Hard Disk Drive randomly, and that's all intention of the developer.

lose/lose from zach gage on Vimeo.

>>> I've not played this game at all. This Preview is written based on Trailer & Descrption. So don't play this, just know such thing exists. <<<

It's the object of this game to ask, "Is it fair to attack enemies in Video Game?" (At least, such thing was written in the homepage.)

Alien doesn't attack player at all in this game,
but Player could kill them all easily.
And Game punishes player,
to delete Hard Disk Drive randomly.

This could be another Experimental movement, to let player think about their violence in Video Game. But I don't like to agree. This could be another kind of Violence. Just I write preview here, to avoid any innocent victims play this one.

Where to Play : I'd not link. Try google for "Lose/Lose".
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Preview : [Ergon/Logos] (2009)

Developer : Paolo Pedercini
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

What to choose... in experimental textlines.

User image
I'm really shocked to see this.

Many Adventure games are linear, just following 1 way which developer made. But for some games, you could choose some paths & result will be different. This game [Ergon/Logos] is about 'Choosing Ways', in very experimental way.

There are not many things to tell, except for 'Experimental' & 'Choosing Ways'. I'd just recommend to visit that game, and see how it works. It's really shocking, in good way. And of course, Music is also experimental & good.

Where to play : Official Homepage
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Experimental Gameplay Project re-opened!

To do Pig-Min, I searched & visited many websites in the past. I happened to meet a site named after 'Experimental Gameplay Project'. It's too... much experimental, I can't understand their games fully, however looked cool. Later I tried to re-visit, that site was gone. Darn, another Internet history, maybe.

Today I found Experimental Gameplay Project re-opened as ver. 3.0! Hurrah!1

It was full website, but changed to blog type.
It doesn't update so many articles often, however has games archive.

If you're interested, visit it. :)

P.S. : Kyle Gabler from 2dboy involved, [World of Goo] fame. You already know about that, anyway just in case. :)

  1. Eh... It was re-opened at late of June, I just found very late. [Back]
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Review : [Upgrade Complete] (2009)

Developer : Armor Games
Release Year : 2009
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Experimental move to the Shooter, for Upgrade.

User image
Everything can be upgraded, even graphic quality of this screen.

There were tons of 'Experimental Shooter' already. So this is just 1 of them? Well very different. This is NOT 'Experimental Shooter'. This is 'Experimental Game w/ Shooter'.

When you star the game, you can just see text lines. Even not Armor Games logo / play button. So what can we do? 'Lend Money & Purchase Menu' to start.

This game is all about 'Upgrade'. You must spend money to upgrade attacker's ship, but that's not all. You must upgrade graphic quality / music availability / even mute button. Wow. What a genious / twist way to do experimental!

This is what you could play w/ different kind of fun, which will be completed within 1 hour. But you don't have 1 hour, and must save? You must purchase save slot, too.

Where to play : Armor Games
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