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  1. 2009/06/21 Review : [Epic War 3] (2009)

Review : [Epic War 3] (2009)

Developer : Artlogic Games
Release year : 2009
Price : Free (Flash Game)

Well done side-scrolling RTS, and different from earlier series.

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Looks similar to earlier series, but entirely different.

[Epic War] series were well made Epic games, but player need to 'struggle again & again endlessly' for a long time. It was too much, and 1 stage took even 2-30 minutes to clear for [Epic War 2] boss battle. So I'm not sure I'd enjoy this one, because I expected 'much worse struggle'. To my shock, this game is not related to earlier series. You could forget earlier ones.

First of all, you can control units. For earlier series, just our units ran to the right after we summon, as we press the button. Units are summoned automatically, and we can control them as group. Goblins are faster regen, Zombies are slow but have good health to block, and Magic Cannons are good for long-range attack. We could let Goblins run to block, while Zombies are coming. When Zombies arrived, let Goblins back & Magic Cannons fire from a distance. Go Forth & Back as we wish, that's basic of RTS, as I think. (Not so sensitive command, anyway.)

And playtime is not so long. You might experienced 'too-much-time-needed' situation for earlier series, but you can win [Epic War 3] within few hours. After 1st. clear, it unlocks 'New Game Plus' & 'Cave of Trial', but they are not so hard as earlier series used to be.

With such good changes, [Epic War 3] became really fun Flash Game. With some effort, not-so-hard, you could enjoy 'Epic War'. And no more Arrow shooting, just control our main hero.

Where to play : Kongregate
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