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  1. 2010/01/20 Review : [Avenue Flo] (2009)

Review : [Avenue Flo] (2009)

Developer : Playfirst
Release year : 2009
Price : 6.99$ (Big Fish Games)

Another [Diner Dash] game, but... Point & Click Adventure!!!

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I didn't check screenshot carefully before d/l, so didn't know genre at all.

[Diner Dash] is 1 big franchise for Casual Gaming, and as you know, it had MANY neighbors. So that's not so surprising to see another came out, which is all about serving customers. But this is different. This is Point & Click Adventure, instead of Time Management!

[Avenue Flo] has Casual Mystery, as 'Who did it & Why'. Somebody interrupts big marriage this town, and our heroin Flo must gather items - solve problems - pass mini games to make things all right. And as we could suspect, everything is solved & they lived happily ever after. (Good for Casual Game, isn't it?)

As I think, the best part is Journal. Almost every Adventure games have Journal, which posts about ideas - quest lists - situations - informations. But almost every Journals are just text based, whether they are written in Note or PDA. This is different. [Avenue Flo] has good Journal design, which resembles real paperwork (even cute pictures!) done by young aged woman. It shows informations clearly, in more beautiful (and realistic) way. That makes entire game more fun, because makes reading it more fun.

This is Casual Game, so some Core Adventure gamer could think too simple - easy - short. However, this is surprisingly well made & fun game, and still worth to try, whether you like [Diner Dash] franchise or not.

Where to buy : Big Fish Games
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