Earlier in May, [Defense Grid : the Awakening] released FREE DLC w/ update to use DLC map packs. It might be test to know how many customers will be interested. At now, they started selling 4 Map Pack DLCs for each week in June, all 0.99$ each.

Those Map Packs have 2 maps each, and you could think 'Hey this is too expensive!', which I partly agree. However these DLCs are all dedicated to maniacs, who played this to the extreme. If you're not Core gamer for this game, you could skip it. But if you're Core as I do, must buy.

P.S. : It's released for XBLA at XBOX360, and these DLCs are sold there, too.
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Suddenly, [Defense Grid : The Awakening] has update for Steam. It's released 2 years ago, last update was over 6 months ago, so I thought it's another Steam error. I was wrong. It was real update for DLC setup.

I think they decide to release DLC in the future, to earn some extra money. However they gave all of us FREE DLC [Borderlands], which has 4 additional maps. I played 2 of them until now, somewhat difficult / but still interesting.

If you have this game at Steam, try it today once again. :)
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