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  1. 2009/06/20 Preview : [Age of Booty] (2008)

Preview : [Age of Booty] (2008)

Developer : Certain Affinity (Publisher : Capcom)
Release year : 2008
Price : 9.99$ (PC, steam)

Seems to be clever casual RTS, but can't find enemy for Multiplay.

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* This game is released for Playstation 3 / XBOX360 / PC. This preview is written after playing PC version demo. *

Capcom published 1 downloadable game, seems to be unusual case. Looks interesting, not sure it's good, so didn't buy. I found Demo yesterday & finally played.

This game has 'Hex' tiles, looks hard core while it's casual.
It has 'Hex', so seems to be turn-based, but real-time-strategy(RTS).

All you have to do is Move. Attack is done automatically, while enemy / town is 1 tile away. So move closer to the enemy, get back to regain some health with our town, and attack again. That's very casualized style of RTS, and not so bad twist. In fact, kinda good & clever.

Just the problem is, this game might be good when you do multiplay & can't find anybody. (Campaign at Demo is not so fun.) If I purchase for XBOX360, could be different. But when I try PC version & enter Gamespy server, I can't find anybody else to play with. Multyplay game w/ nobody else, it's not fun at all. (In fact, that's the destiny of every small multiplay games.)

Well. Smart move & could be new kind of RTS style. But if I can't find anybody else to play with, will not buy. Plus, it uses Securom. Who likes it, especially for Steam? I quit.

Where to buy : Steam
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