Preview : [Bookworm Adventures 2] (2009)

Developer : Popcap
Release Year : 2009
Price : 19.99$

Sequel of  great 'Word Game' + 'RPG-style'.

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Chocolate, 9-spelling-length. My best (up to now).

[Bookworm Adventures] was good, as well-done mixture of 'Word Game' + 'RPG-style'. And now, 2nd. series has come.1

You must make 'Word' from 16 alphabets, as long as possible. Attack & Win & Gain Exp. & Lv. up. However, 'Making Words' & 'Choosing Items' are essential of this game, not RPG.

For 'Choosing Items', it's like [Insaniquarium].2 Before starting chapter, you could pick up 3(2 items + 1 buddy) to help. It's very important, because it could change difficulties a lot.

Basically, [Bookworm Adventures] was already good. With some change & improvement, became better. Just the problem is, 'making longer words' is not so easy, and more difficult for who is not-English-natives. Besides that, very good game. So you'd better try & buy it. :)

Where to buy : Popcap3

  1. In fact, it's Volume 2 rather than sequel. This game starts with Book 4, because earlier game was until Book 3. [Back]
  2. Tysen Henderson did lead role for [Bookworm Adventures] series, and he was 1 of 2-men team Flying Bear Entertainment, who made [Insaniquarium] before they entered Popcap. Another one was George Fan, who's leader of [Platns vs Zombies]. [Back]
  3. Originally, It was annouced to be released at 15th. Aug., but seems to be released earlier at 30th. Jul. [Back]
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Pig-Min has praised a lot of Popcap, after [Bookworm adventures] in 2006. It's good to see their new game so soon, sequel of the great word game + RPG mix. Original game was released for 29.99$, but this sequel wlil be 19.99$ & Steam will host it for 9.99$. Just wait for 1 month, and we will see another good game.

Release date is Aug. 15th? Korean Independence day?
And [Plants vs Zombies] was released at 5th. May, Korean Children's day!

Is there something related to Korea? :)
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