You know, [Starcraft] had been too popular in Korea & even until now.
So there released several goods in korea which are related to [Starcraft], as Original Soundtrack CD1 - Manhwa(Korean manga)2 - Novel based on [Starcraft] - Book about early year of progaming - even Children's Watch.

But I never expected to see such a book.

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Starcraft + Economics = Starcnomics.
'5 economic stratedgy which got from Starcraft'.

It's released in 2000 went out of print long ago. Not sure how good this book is, and how well it's sold. Anyway that's not so important.



SOFTBANK MEDIA seems to be some branch of that gigantic company, however it's SOFTBANK. It's very fun (or weird) to see that SOFTBANK released book about [Starcraft]. It's okay, because this book is also about Economics.

However is it Blizzard official or not? No Blizzard logo is printed. But we could see the name of HANBIT SOFT(한빛 소프트), which is official distributor of Blizzard games at then. So even if it's not Blizzard related, it's still kinda official. 

Korea has too many [Starcraft] fans, so even SOFTBANK released Economy book related to that. Well, according to some review, it's rather 'Learn [Starcraft] as Economy people ' than 'Learn Economics from [Starcraft]. Kinda good move, because some elders wish to know what [Starcraft] is, because they want to earn tons of money from such kind of games.
  1. Totally official, and the only 1 official Soundtrack CD all over the world [Back]
  2. It's done by 'Kim Sung Mo(김성모)', who is famous & infamous for making too many B-grade manhwas. [Back]
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We know [Peggle] was good.
We know [Peggle] became [World of Warcraft] add-on.
But we never knew...

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[Peggle : World of Warcraft edition]!

This is real. Rush to Official homepage, to get that 10 levels of WOW themed levels w/ new backgrounds from Blizzard artists, as Free download!

P.S. : Could be similar to [Peggle Extreme], collaboration w/ Valve in the past.
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