Gamezebo reviewed [Puzzle Agent] today, and they gave 4.5 from 5 stars. Very high score, as I think.

And this [Puzzle Agent] is different from earlier Telltale stuffs.

- Original : All the earlier adventure games had Source, Comic Book / Animation / Game, but this is totally original.
- NOT Episodic : In fact, this is 1st. of 'Telltale Pilot' program, make pilot - if famous - make more. Maybe they will do more Pilot, but not sure yet.

Not played yet, however 'David Lynch + Professor Layton' seems to be cool.
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Preview : [Puzzle Bots] (2010)

Developer : Ivy Games (Publisher Wadjet Eye Games)
Release year : 2010
Price : 14.99$ (CD-ROM 24.99$)

Another masterpiece. (At least, from the start.)

User image
Tutorial for Adventure Game? Does it make sense? ... Make sense a lot!

Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games did it again! This time, he's not developer / rather publisher(and programmer). However this one is also good, even somewhat different from his earlier works.

4 inventors  has made small robots, and this game is about their experience & adventure. I played 20 minutes to see 3 of them, and it was all about 'Tutorial for each robot' -> 'Cut scene with dialogue of inventors' -> 'Adventure of tiny robots'. To our surprise, they are all well organized & not boring at all. Cut scenes w/ full voice dialogue are also fun, and you could enjoy it very much. Furthermore 'Tutoria' for each robots w/ 3 levels are also fun & well made, even I could consider them excellent. And even Blackwell series had some emotional points, however Ivy Games is 1 woman team & has somewhat different emotional moving. Recommendable very highly.

Where to Buy : Wadjet Eye Games

P.S. : [Puzzle Bots] might be based on [Nanobots], earlier freeware release. I've not played it yet, not sure exactly, anyway.

Note : This preview is written based on review copy.
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via mcvuk, bbc

[Doctor Who] will be made as Adventure game, funded by BBC. Sumo Ditigal will make the game, with Charles Cecil of [Broken Sword].

Recently new season of [Doctor Who] started on air, which will end with 13 episodes. These game will cover after that, 4 more episodes with game. So this season, 17 episodes total.

This game will be distributed through bbc website, from June 2010. And it will NOT be Flash web game, downloadable game.

P.S. : They make this game to catch younger generation, who prefer Video Games to TV show. However... Isn't [Doctor Who] over-18 aged show? (I thought it's for adults.)
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I started assisting some Korean Indie Game teams, under the name of Pig-Min Agency. This is final version of 1st. work [Cut & Paste], done by 1st. team 'Turtle Cream',

This game is Flip-book style puzzle game, somewhat similar to Adventure puzzle style. Even if it's not perfect - masterpiece, could be good little jewel to check.

Game Information : Turtle Cream blog
Direct download : filefront / fileplanet

If you like it, please share that news to your friends & subscribers, as tweet / post at blog & communities. Thanks. :)
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