Preview : [Shank] (2010) <XBOX360>

Developer : Klei Entertainment <Publisher EA>
Release year : 2010
Price : 1200 MS points <XBOX360>, 14.99$ <PS3>

Cut Gun Saw ...

They were making games like this,

... and changed style like this.

Trailer was very good, so this game was hyped a lot. As you can see from the video, cut gun saw etc etc mercilessly. In Graphic Novel style world, player can do various kind of fatal actions. Player must use 8-button(!) to do such a nice actions, which could be too difficult, but not so hard until demo ends. Published by EA Partners, get good push/advertisement. But not sure it has enough playtime for 14.99$, and that 8-button is so comfortable for later play.

Where to buy : Turn on the Console.
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Review : [Deathspank] (2010) <XBOX360>

Developer : Hothead Games <feat. Ron Gilbert, Publisher EA Partners>
Release year : 2010
Price : 1200 MS points <XBOX360>

Well made as 'Diablo + Monkey Island', but not perfect.

I was not interested so much before, but 'hooked' right before release & purchased.

'Ron Gilbert' & 'Diablo + Monkey Island' could be big issue. And EA Partners published this, even MS pushed this game to be featured in main page of XBOX360 marketplace. It must be 'hyped' & 'famous', and this is fun & interesting game. Just the problem is, action time stops often.

[Diablo] might have great background story, but we can do 'whirlwind' to proceed without any thought. For [Deathspank], you must 'read' some part of dialogues / storyline, because some of them is essential to proceed. And there are some puzzles like (oldschool) adventure genre, and you must 'think' at then. Hack & Slash is full of action without rest, but you need to 'stop' very often in this game. I think that's the main reason why this game can't get over 90 of 100 score, even if this is fun & intersting game.

However if you want to buy it now, go for it. Really worth, just you must stop & think often.

Where to buy : Turn on the Console.
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Preview : [Super Mario Crossover] (2010)

Developer : Exploding Rabbit
Release year : 2010
Price : Freeware (Flash Game)

Justice League in Famicom era?

User image
Some retro gamer will be shocked.

Those characters are available in [Super Mario Bros. 1], with their own skill & music. Just to make balance right, enemies don't die with 1 bullet, however.

I'm not good at Platformer, so I can't proceed very well. That's why this is Preview, not Review. However I saw my friend Kcarlito playing it some more & better, and those characters fits very well to Super Mario world. If you are fan of such games, will be really satisfied & shocked. And he told me that, this game has every stages in original game. Wow.

Where to play : Newgrounds

P.S. : Kongregate had also this game, even in the weekly chart, but now erased. Maybe due to copyright problem?

P.S. 2 : As I've heard, this is 1st. work of Exploding Rabbit. Wow...
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Review : [Restraining Order] (2009)

Developer : Bigpants
Release year : 2009
Price : Freeware

What is this. Z-grade game, with AAA-grade Effects & Sounds?

You can't imagine enough, just watching this trailer.

It doesn't matter that you're the monster & chasing a girl, while some police attack you. This game is some Z-grade cheesy stuff, but has AAA grade Visual & Sound Effects / Music. I can't believe my eyes while I play this one to the ending, such surprising effects are gathered into that dark joke. Effects & Musics are really really reallllllly well done, especially for musics. So try it if you dare!

Where to download : Official Homepage
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Developer : Ska Studios
Release Year : 2009
Price : 80 ms points (around 1$.)

Shockingly well made, zombie-theme top down shooter w/ Experimental.

User image
Who could expect such a good game, from that cover?

I got really shocked to play this one.

I purchased XBOX360 very recently, and didn't think to purchase any indie Games from that. Anyway I wish to try some of them, picked this up, and...

At first minute, it was just small Indie Game, zombie-theme top down shooter. Maybe just some little kid made it for fun, nothing more than that. I was wrong. Around 3 minutes later, everything became to change. That cheesy punk music became much better, enemy became different, and even background is going very experimental (for top-down shooter). At least, this is worth for your 80 MS point.

The only 1 bad thing about this game is, it's made by Ska Studios. They released [Zombie Smashers] series for PC in the past, and released [Dishwasher] for XBLA already. Well, they are not so small to release 1$ game for Indie Games section.

Where to buy : XBLA Indie Game section at XBOX360. (Official Blog)

P.S. : Multiplay up to 4 people could be available, but not through online, maybe.
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