Interview : JTR, maker of [Death Worm]

This is e-mail interview with JTR, who made [Death Worm].

Korean version of this Interview.

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1. Many people in Korea played [Death Worm], but don't know who made it, because [Death Worm] has only 1 official thread & don't have any homepage. Could you please introduce yourself & how to make this game?

I'm a 20 years old (born 1986) guy from Finland, and I've been working with this "Game Maker" program for about a year. The "Game Maker" program was made by Mark Overmars.

2. [Death Worm] is one of the best freeware game ever I experienced.  Simple but unique play style, good escalation. Could you please let me know how come to make this game?

I'm glad you like it. I was inspired to make this game partly by a TV-series called "Tremors," but mostly by a rumored real life killer-worm called the "Mongolian Death Worm."

3. [Death Worm] might get several feedbacks from players, as I assume. Could you please share some episodes about that?

Ok. Here's a few:

-"Wow this is simply amazing, i really love this game. ether you can 'storm the front' or sneak up as an Predator. This is really good. ideas like this is just what GM is for" - loffe

-"Awesome game! Very old-school. Reminds me of Dune..." - web1992

-"Registerd at the forum just to say what an awesome game this is. Maybe it is becuase I am hardcore 'Tremors' fan, but I really enjoyed playing this." - GetAGrip

-"this games great, and realy fun, theres nothing better than being a giant worm and eating everything,love it, couldent stop playing, graphics and sounds are all good,great game JTR." - twaggy

-"one of the funniest GM made game ever i played... good job!! 9/10" - cougar_zero

4. Have you made another game, or do you have another upcoming
project? If so, please let us know about that.

I've made some small minigames.
(F1 is used for ingame help.)

I'll let you know when I finish a new game.

5. What do you think about Freeware Indie Game scene? Please share your thoughts.

It's a great thing, of course. Very interesting to see what kind of games people make. Freeware Indie games are very popular in Finland, too.

6. Have you played some Korean game, or experienced or even heard about Korean Gaming Scene & Market? If so, please share your opinion about that.

I probably have, since I play games alot. Arcade games, too. But I rarely pay attention to what country a game was made in, so I can't remember any.

7. Please pick other 5 Indie & 5 Major games to recommend, and brief reason why.

Ok. I can recommed these games:

INDIE GAMES----------------------------------------
"Cortex Command."
Shooting game for 1-4 players. It's still in development, (a single player campaign is coming) but it's already perfectly playable. I like it because it's kind of like the "Worms"-games, but this is in realtime. (No turns.)

"Lost Labyrinth."
"Roguelike" game about exploring a dungeon, with Zelda-like graphics. I like this because the interface is very easy to use, and the dungeon is very different everytime.

"Atomic Butcher."
I like this because of the theme. You play as a mutant that's sent out of a nuclear-shelter to collect meat.

"Weird Worlds : Return to Infinite Space."
Shareware game about exploring space. This was mean't to be replayed many times. It's short and sweet, and different every time.

"Emerald Miner."
I like this because of the nostalgic retro-style graphics and sounds.

MAJOR GAMES----------------------------------------
"Morrowind. (Game of the Year-edition)"
I like these kinds of freeform RPG's. I play it on Xbox.

"Fallout 2"
Another freeform RPG with a post-nuclear theme.

"Silent Hill 1-3"
Great horror games.

"Red Dead Revolver."
the Best Wild West game on the consoles, in my opinion.

Can't think of a fifth major game, but "Donald in Maui Mallard" (on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive) is one of my favourite games of all times.

8. Please leave some message for Pig-Min interview readers.

My message to the readers: Thanks everybody for checking this interview and good luck in your games! -JTR

Korean version of this Interview.
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