This is interview with Dave Gilbert, who made [Shivah] & [Blackwell Legacy].

Korean version of this Interview.

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Sorry. I'm Marvin Gaye, not Rabbi.

1. As I know, you've lived in Korea around 7 months. How about living in Korea, as Jewish Indie Adventure Game Maker?

Yes, I lived in Korea for 7 months, but I would have hardly called myself a “Indie Adventure Game Maker” at the time. I was teaching English, and the kids left me too exhausted to make a serious go of making games. It wasn’t until I returned that I started getting serious about it.

2. [Shivah] is very special game, as Rabbi-Noir. How come to make such one?

Well, after being in Asia for almost one year (Korea for 7 months and China for 2) and being the only Jew around, I felt very inspired to create a game with a jewish theme when I got back to New York. The noir was just a bonus. J.

3. I read that Mel Gibson dissed [Shivah]! Is it real, or another Internet Joke? And what do you about that?

Hah. That was a joke, I think. I thought it was hysterical.

4. I saw a rumor that you'd make an Adventure game, based on Korean Myth! Is it real? If real, what's going on with that project?

Yep! I was thinking about it while I was in Korea. I learned about the legend of Tangun and would love to make a role-playin game based on it. I haven’t done much with the idea, aside from writing some ideas in a notebook. Maybe some day. J

5. You are making new game [The Blackwell Legacy]. Could you please explain what it is?

Sure! The game stars a woman named Rosangela Blackwell and a ghost named Joey Mallone. Against their will, they are expected to investigate supernatural mysteries and solve them. There are several games planned, and while each game stands alone there is a lengthy backstory involved, which will be revealed over time.

6. How come to make Noir / Mystery Adventure game? And did you get some influence from some other Movie - Game - ... etc?

I played a game called “Discworld Noir” in 1999, and I fell in love with the theme. I have always loved old noir/mystery movies, with the gritty atmosphere and snappy dialog. There was just something so COOL about them.

7. Can you send Pig-Min review copy & contest prize, if you make next game?

Of course!

8. Have you ever experienced, or even heard about, Korean games?

You mean stuff like Maple Story and Kart Rider? That’s all the kids would talk about, when I was over there. That and Starcraft, of course. ;)

9. Can you pick other 5 games from both of Major & Indie, and explain briefly why you chose them.

I have to be honest. I don’t play many games nowadays. It’s tough to choose one, let alone five. I suppose I can pick some that are the greatest influences, which are:

1 ? Discworld Noir. This game originated the clues-as-inventory concept. I didn’t invent it. J

2 ? Gabriel Knight. The detailed, researched backstory meshes SO WELL with supernatural events. I’m trying to do the same thing with Blackwell.

3 ? Aveyond. Amanda Fae’s indie RPG showed me that selling old-school games was not only feasible, but profitable as well.

4 ? Loom. Light on puzzles. Heavy on story. You can zip through it in an hour, and yet it is still considered a classic and beloved by everyone.

5 ? Reality on the Norm. I still have a soft spot for this open-source indie project. It’s been a tad dead lately, but that’s how I got my start.

10. Please leave some message for Korean Pig-Min readers.

Annyeong hasayo! I have very fond memories of Korea and I am happy to know that my games are being played there. Kansa hamnida. J

Korean version of this Interview.
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