This is the interview with 'Amanda Fay', Game Designer of [Aveyond] & Owner of Amaranth Games.

Where to buy [Aveyond] : Click here.

Korean version of this Interview.

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1. Even if [Aveyond] got big hit in Indie Game scene, it's not well known in South Korea until now. Please introduce [Aveyond] & yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Fitch, and one year ago, I released a game called Aveyond to gamers in the West. Aveyond is an anime-style role-playing game about a slave girl named Rhen, who learns that she has the power to become a great Sword Singer. Rhen leaves her life of slavery and learns the art of sword magic at a prestigious academy. While she is attending her studies, she learns that she is part of a prophecy, and must defeat a demon of great power to save her home. In the game, you can have up to eight people join your hero party, buy new outfits for Rhen, marry your characters, join guilds, collect pets, buy a mansion, and more.

2. At first, you sold [Aveyond] by yourself, and through portal Big Fish Games later. Could you please let us know, how different it is to sell by yourself & through big potal?

Selling games by yourself isn't hard, but it is difficult to spread the game when no one knows who you are. On my site, I have about 4,000 dedicated gamers, but big game portals can have millions of dedicated gamers. Attempting to get your game on a portal is a good idea as long as they don't take your rights away. You won't make as much money per game on a big portal, but the number of sales is very high. My advice is to sell both directly and through game portals if you decide to make a game.

3. At 2006, several not-very-casual games started selling through casual game portal sites, as [Aveyond] - [Kudos] - [Westward]. I think it's another big turn for Casual Game market, and also for Indie Game scenes. Please share your thoughts about that.

In my opinion, the industry has not correctly identified the tastes of the market they are targeting. I think we need more studies. I like games that require me to solve puzzles, have cheerful graphics, and don't require me to memorize twenty keys on my keyboard. I like games that test my ability to multi-task, match patterns, and that have lots of humor in them. I like games that are easy to learn, but hard to complete. Most of all, I like a good story.

4. We didn't expect such a great game from RPG maker, but it happened. Could you please let us know how you did such a great job?

I think that a good game has good gameplay and a good story. I spent lots of time working on a good story for Aveyond. I wanted players to love the story.

RPG Maker is a great tool, and the newest version, RPG Maker XP, is very flexible. Almost all core functionality provided by the engine is exposed through the RUBY scripting language. Most people don't know how powerful RPG Maker XP is. I hope that I can make more people aware of this great tool that can be used by non-programmers and advanced programmers to make games.

5. Your game is Japanese old school style RPG, but you are from USA. Even if there were some Indie RPGs in USA, they were basically Western (US) style. Please let me know how you became to make Japanese old school style RPG.

I love games from Asia. I think that games from the West are too serious and too dark. I made Aveyond because I could find nothing in the West that I wanted to play. My first RPGs were Final Fantasy and Zelda and they have always been my favorites. Games like that are not made over here, so I decided I had to try and make one.

6. As I know you are female, and it's not very common to see female game maker in Computer Game scene. Could you please share some idea about that, to make game as female?  

In the game industry, females are usually artists and writers, but not programmers. I hope that my story will help other females understand that they don't need to be programmers to make a game. Some programming is eventually needed, but tools like RPG Maker teach you how to program as you make your game. If you can do algebra, you can program a game. It's very easy!

7. [Aveyond] hit the market, and you might get several positive feedback from gamers. Please let us know some episodes about that.

A lot of parents write to me to tell me thank you. I've also had lots of people tell me that they liked the humor in Aveyond. Some of the feedback has come from children as young as 8 and from adults as old as 80!

8. Have you made another game, or do you have another upcoming project? If so, please let us know about that.

I have just finished my second game, Grimm's Hatchery. Grimm's Hatchery is a magical pet collection game. The goal is to collect lots of magical pets, raise them, and pick up eggs. To beat the game, you must sell your eggs and pets, earn gold coins, and eventually buy a kingdom.

I am currently working on Aveyond II: Ean's Quest, which is the sequel to Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest. The new game looks promising, and I predict that it will be the game that everyone remembers in the Aveyond series.

9. Have you played some Korean game, or experienced or even heard about Korean Gaming Scene & Market? If so, please share your opinion about that.

Yes! I love Korean online games. There are a couple of Korean games that have been translated into English, but many of the most beautiful ones are still not available for English speakers. Korea has the most talented artists that I've ever seen, and it shows in the games. I love games like KartRider, MapleStory, LaTale... there are so many of them!!!

10. Please pick 5 other games to recommend, and brief reason why. (5 Indie - 5 Major, if you can. If not, 5 Indie is still okay. More recommendations could be also okay.)

My favorite Indie games
1. Everlong (Doug Carpenter-Freeware)
2. Cute Knight (Hanako Games-Shareware)
3. Kings Quest I & II Remake (AGD Interactive-Freeware)
4. Virtual Villagers (Last Day of Work-Shareware)
5. Bud Readhead (Space Ewe-Shareware)

My favorite Major games
1. Final Fantasy series
2. Ragnarok
3. YS series
4. Kings Quest series
5. MapleStory

11. Please leave some message for Pig-Min interview readers.

Thank you for this great interview, Pig-Min! If any gamers want to make a game like Aveyond, please research game creation tools such as RPG Maker XP, Game Maker, and 3D Game Maker. I also wanted to let everyone know that I am going to work hard to make my future games available in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Happy gaming everyone, and if you have time, please visit the Aveyond community ( over at Amaranth Games! Kind regards, Amanda. :)

Korean version of this Interview.
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