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via Rocknew. (Korean language only.)

We've heard tons of rumors, about being back of Sad Legend, for several years.
Because Sad Legend is 1 of best Black Metal / Melodic Black Metal band in Korea, even could be top notch for worldwide, there are many fans who really wanted to get their next work. (Or even earlier album.)

Finally they are really back, and will release 2nd. album!

User image
They issued Cover Picture & Track List. This 2nd. full length album will be released late of Aug in Korea, and of course, mrkwang store will stock to sell.

Track List.

01. 도끼 Axe
02. 마루타 MARUTA
03. 망나니 Executioner
04. 동양에 울려 퍼지던 살육의 찬가 Elegy of Slaughter Echoing in the East
05. 왜란 Imjin War
06. 저승사자의 노래 The Reaper's Song
07. 사냥의 밤 Night of the Hunt
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As Rocknew exclusive, New Music Video [Existence to Nonexistence] from Method 2nd. album [Spiritual Reinforcement] is released. Rocknew is Korean rock webzine / community, run by Kevin Kim (president of Dope Entertainment.)

It will be released by Evolution Music at 23th. Jun. in Korea.
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Several months ago, Dope Entertainment signed Rux to release albums. For the warm-up, Dope re-released Rux 1st. album [Where do we go(우린 어디로 가는가)] & updated at last.fm. 3 songs full streaming & can listen to them random w/ tag radio - similar artist radio, as last.fm does. Of course, mrkwang store sells it.

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1st. album jacket.

That 1st. album was another masterpiece for Korean Indie Rock & Punk. Just the problem is, you can't understand how good those lyrics are. Really good lyrics for Korean songs.

Rux will perform concert to celebrate 3rd. album at 27th. Jun. in Korea, and album will be released soon. Of course, mrkwang store will sell that, too.
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Baekdoosan is back after (almost) 20 years disband. They were popular in 1980's Korea, almost legend, but only did 3 years career for 2 albums if we don't count  3rd. album in 1990's.

They re-united last year, and released 4th. album [Return of the King] this year.

User image
This is still rocking, and you could listen to 3 songs full streaming at last.fm . Of course, mrkwang store is selling it.

Anyway I found 1 Youtube today, which had their 1980's TV show. Sync is not so good, anyway very rare jewel.

This video has 2 songs, [말할걸] - [Up in the Sky]. Old songs, however [Up in the Sky] is re-recorded for 4th. album. [Up in the Sky] is availble for full streaming at last.fm, so have some time to compare. :)
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If you've not listened to Hellking yet, it's good day to start.

Hellking is 1 man band. Yes. He's doing vocal / guitar / drum / etc by himself, sometimes with help from his friends. He's Korean-American, but has some connection with Korean Punk scene as Townhall. I heard he'd feature in Townhall compilation soon, just not sure when it's available.

And he's recording 2nd. full feature album, in kinda professional way. However I liked his songs over 1 year, even just home recording.

Try his music, and experience good time.

Hellking music : Last.fm (Download available), Myspace (Streaming only)
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