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Music : Yenda made bandcamp.

Bandcamp of Yenda

Yenda is very unknown Korean Indie Band. They released 1st. album in 2005, and will release 4-song single soon. At now, with conversation & co-operation with Pig-Min (Agency), he made Bandcamp page & will do effort to promote the band.

Somewhat Electronic + Alternative rock, worth to listen from Bandcamp streaming. Almost impossible to get CD (can't sell from mrkwang store).
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As Indieful ROK posted, The Invisible Fish uploaded recent work samples to his Korean naver blog. So what's going on with his 3rd. EP? Any release date?

I got questions about that from Anna at Indieful ROK & more, so phone called him right now.

This is his answer.

- New work is NOT 3rd. EP. He will start working for 3rd. EP from now on.
- This New work is somewhat side-project of The Invisible Fish.
- This New work will be released with BOOK, through BOOK PUBLISHER.
- Making Music is all done, but needs more time for BOOK.
- No release date fixed yet, due to that.

Anyway if you never listened to his awesome music yet, try them from last.fm . All songs are streaming available there.
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Music : 14left EP [ZAHIR]

User image

14left was Korean emo - screamo band, compared to Hollow Jan / Vanilla Unity. They disbanded in the past, but re-united recently & released this EP.

Personally, I think their music is right between Hollow Jan & Vanilla Unity. Still screaming & somewhat brutal, but not strong as Hollow Jan. Still has emotional points, not so mellow as Vanilla Unity. Right between them, and still good. So I'm listening to this again again & again.

Dope Entertainment updated this album at last.fm, with 2 full streaming songs. You could check them, especially for 5th. track Selfish Frog. Their best track, as I think.

Track List

01. Intro
02. Carpe Diem
03. A Bitter Smile
04. Boomerang Kids
05. Selfish Frog
06. Paradox (Demo: Bonus Track)
07. Goodbye to Romance (Demo: Bonus Track) 

Where to buy : mrkwang store
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Music : Korean metal forum opened at Metal Psalter!

I had Korean metal forum at Metal coven in the past, but they were gone. After that, around 1.5 year has passed without forum. At now, another Korean metal forum opened at Metal Psalter!

It's opened at now, not many things to read. However could be good to register & post something, if you like Korean metal.

P.S. : Thanks for Jesse Desha, who supported this forum!
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