Interview : Daniel McNeely, CEO of Armor Games

This time, Pig-Min did an e-mail interview with Daniel McNeely, CEO of Armor Games.

Armor Games is another rising star of Web Game site. Could be worth to check, if you are interested in playing Web Games, or making some by yourself.

Korean Version of this Interview Informercial, done by Mega64.

1. First of all, please let us know Brief History & Business Size of Armor Games.

Armor Games started in the end of 2005. I being a big gamer, wanted to make a website devoted to great games. Most of these great games came from Newgrounds and not only did I find great games on this site, but great developers. Most of them were friendly and nice, and I got to pay them to develop flash games for AG. We had a handful of hits come out and have been releasing games ever since.

2. People play A LOT of Web Games, but don't know exactly HOW HUGH Web Game market is. Please share us brief idea about 'Web Game Market', HOW BIG it will grow in the future, and HOW THEY EARN money.

I think the web game market is an emerging market and I think it will continue to double in size in the coming years. I'm not sure the exact size, but if you have companies like Viacom investing 550 Million in online games, then it has to be something that is set to take off.

3. Recently, some Web Games get 'Funding' to be completed, by Kongregate or some other sites. But years before, Web Games only got money after completed. It's BIG 'Change' of Web Game Market, as I assume. Please let us know more about that 'Change', and action of Armor Games.
That's great news!! :D It shows that online causal games is an expanding market. We've been contacted in the past by VC firms wanted to fund Armor Games, but its something I haven't been interested in.

4. More & More Web Game sites are made, as we all know. But recently, even 'Downloadable Game' sites are becoming 'Web-Game-ish' style. For example, supports igloader to launch 'Downloadable Game' at web, and even Yoyo Games (Game Maker) has changed their site as 'Web-Game-ish' style. Any opinions about that?

I prefer to play web games as do most of the users who visit 'ArmorGames' so we don't have much interest in pursuing downloadable games at this time.

5. There are LOTS of Web Games website, but Armor Games could be one of the best. Any special method, to overcome competitors & survive?

Build the best games, Search for the best developers, and put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ to have him accomplish whatever he would want with 'Armor Games'.

6. For Armor Games, how to contact & support Web Games? As I read from Armor Games, people could subscribe freely after they complete the game. But there could be some other methods, as you find some cool games & support to make next games, ... etc.

We support web games by paying people to make them, and by sponsoring games. We've been supporting the flash renaissance for over 2-years now, and are following in the footsteps of great sites like Newgrounds, but on a smaller level.

7. If some beginner wish to make Web Game for the first time, what are the MAJOR things to consider? For example, File Size / Game Design difference from 'Downloadable Game' / ... etc.

I'd make the game in flash, keep it under 2 megs, and come up with some original and fun.

8. Please recommend good 5 Web Games & 5 non-Web Games.
5 Good Web games
* Portal the Flash Version
* The Last Stand
* IndestructoCopter
* Dark Cut 2

5 Good non-web games
* Halo 3
* Mario Galaxy
* Rock Band
* Guitar Hero 3
* Any Zelda game

9. Did you try some Korean games, or even heard or experienced about them? If so, please share your thoughts about that.

I have not, but I'd be interested in meeting some of them.

10. Please leave some message for Pig-Min readers.

Please visit 'Armor Games' everyday for the best in Free Quality Casual Gaming at its finest. Thanks for the interview.

Korean Version of this Interview
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