This is the Interview with the Producer - Managing Director 'Chanon' at Viquasoft, which made [Tommy and the Magical Words]. You could find English version below, so go down to find it! Thanks!

Viqua Games :

Korean version of this Interview.

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1. Did you choice some 'Target Player' for Word Games? If so, how did you choice them?

We saw that there were some word games such as Bookworm that were doing very well. At the same time, there weren't that many high quality word games in the market, so we felt we could create something to fill that gap.

2. We could call it 'Word Game' as 'Another Method of Education' or 'Edu-tainment'. Did you expect something like that, when you make & release 'Word Game'?

Yes, we felt our game would be very good as an educational game for learning English. There have been many customers sending emails telling us that our game has helped their children to learn English .. which of course makes us feel very proud. Also our game has been bought by schools in the US.

3. There might be some 'positive feedback' about your works, as 'Word Game'. And you might feel very good about that. Could you please let us know some episodes about that briefly?

Yes, as I said above, some customers have thanked us for helping their children learn English, which makes us feel very happy. Another one which I remember is from a father saying that he'd been playing the game their children and dinner time came and the children were so engrossed with the game they didn't want to come for dinner!

4. Player must make some words, with any alphabet tiles appeared. It seems to be done randomly, but there might be some algorithm, as I assume. Could you please let me know what kind of algorithm to make it happen?

I can't remember the exact algorithm, but basically we try to ensure that there are at least 2-3 vowels and that there is no 3 occurences of a single character.

5. You can't use all the words in the English culture, and you might have some basis to choice 'What words use & What words don't use'. Could you please let us know, how you decided (or choiced or made) 'Dictionary' of the game?

The dictionary is based on ENABLE2K word list which you can find on the internet.

6. [Tommy and the Magical Words] has 'meaning window' of the made words. As I recall, only few word games show 'meaning' for the made words. Could you please let me know how come to make such window display? And does it show every word, or only chosen ones? If only chosen ones, maybe developer might choice which words to show the meaning & which not. Could you please let me know how you decided?

We use WordNet definition database as the basis for the meanings. The game shows the meaning for all words that are not "dirty words" that are more than 3 in length. Also some words might exist in the word list but not in the definition database, so those words won't have meanings.

7. Could you leave some advise something, if somebody wants to make 'Word Game' with non-English, as Korean or Japanese or Chinese?

First you will need to look at the language and see what kinds of game designs you can come up with for the language. Some languages might not work with some designs. Then you may need a list of words that are easy to parse. For English we used ENABLE2K which was a text file formatted as word word per line.

8. Please recommend us 5 other good games?

Here are some of our favorites:
1. Luck Charm Deluxe
2. Inca Quest
3. Pizza Frenzy
4. Bookworm Adventures
5. Bookworm

9. Have you played some Korean game, or experienced or even heard about Korean Gaming Scene & Market? If so, please share your opinion about that.

I played Lineage 2 for a few months. Korean game industry looks extremely strong compared to ours (Thailand).

10. Please leave some message for Pig-MIn Interview Readers, especially for whom are interested in 'Word Games'.

If you like word games, we hope you will enjoy Tommy and the Magical Words. Also you may want to try our newest word game, SandScript

Korean version of this Interview.
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