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via n4g.

Tale of Tales, developer who are famous for [The Path], interviewed w/ Netherlands local webzine 9lives. I can't read Netherlands, so I'd just quote n4g news here. According to that, they experienced "Sony is too hassle, MS might be much better." Well, is it true?

You could think it from different view.

Q : How many teams might contact SONY / MS?
A : (Just I guess) A LOT. or MORE THAN A LOT.

Well. That's not just for Platformholders. Even Steam is not always very friendly to every Indie developers, and (365 games update / 1 year) Big Fish Games accepts multiple enquires than they could update. Workers at those companies are also human like us, and they are always full of work. It takes time & effort just to check the games. and needs more time to make contracts w/ each developers. Every websites / stores / platformholders might be full of work & enquires.

So... What could be good way to deal with SONY / MS / Steam / ... etc?

1. Very lucky.

(I guess) Just 1 worker might check your game1, when your game is approved. If he likes your game / not very busy at then / just happy at that day / doesn't have other games to present his boss, you might be lucky. If not, well...

2. Through another Publisher, which already does business with them.

If Capcom or Square Enix publish your game, what will be next? If not so hugh publisher, how about going through Meridian 4? Sony or Steam already has done several business w/ them, already has done big contract & several jobs to each other, know each other's style - which means less work & stress. Publisher might already 'pick up' games, and Sony / Steam workers will feel better. Of course, Sony or Steam doesn't have to sign 1 of each individuals, and that's better condition.

3. (Very) Famous already.

If your game is famous as [Everyday Shooter] / [Braid], SONY or MS will contact you sign the contract. Of course, these games were famous while making & it's special case. But if your game became famous, how about next project? [Alien Hominid] became HD, and [Castle Crashers] was released through XBLA. Even if you're not super famous, just somewhat famous, everything could be much better & easier. :)

  1. As I learned, Venture Capital is same. If you can't pass 1 worker, you can't pass anything. At least, that's how it works in Korea here. [Back]
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